Opaque is one of the signature hosiery color trends of the past seasons and the upcoming ones make no exception. Accessories as these have the power to turn our outfit into a real masterpiece. This time our well-defined legs might be hidden by the latest stockings and tights trends however their shape and dimensions would become more prominent due to the light shades as: cream, stark white as well as the various off-white shades. The Fall/Winter 2010 white tights fashion trend provides us with the perfect prerogative to sport the school-uniform inspired white stockings and leggins that can be easily embedded into versatile casual and formal outfits. The designer collections below line up a multitude of voguish examples to follow.

Erin Wasson x RVCAErin Wasson x RVCAL.A.M.B.L.A.M.B.

During the A/W 2010 fashion show of Erin Wasson and L.A.M.B. models marched in their white tights paired with fab Rock chic and Boho style outfits. Those who consider this trend the perfect excuse to sport the latest short trends as well as hot mini skirts and dresses will be thrilled to draw some inspiration from these looks. The color combination is also crucial and these designers decided to go for two of the safest alternatives when it comes of pairing white with neautral and complementary shades.

The milky outfits of Erin Wasson would play up the urban chic and feminine flair of these accessories. Therefore those who would like to highlight their fondness for the flirty textures as well as outfit combos should try their hand at this outfit option. On the other hand Gwen Stefani decided to make a more smashing and contrastive true-to-L.A.M.B. impression by teaming up the white classy stockings with grey and black leather. For bolder options make sure you expand the color palette and experiment with other creative pairings.


Adopting the Ice Queen and winter fairy ideal are some of the specialities of the designers above.These collections present a more womanish and sensual adaptation of the white tights trend. During the fashion show of Thakoon white stockings were paired with fur as well as other soft materials and the traditional fall colors of green and grey as well as brown.The contrast between the darker and more melancholic tones as well as the striking white created a fabulous visual experience. Short mini skirts and dresses secured the eye-pleasing allure of hosiery and exposed the largest part of the models’ legs which attracted immediate attention.

Rodarte also joined the fan group that promoted the popularity of white tights.However this time we have to admit that the fashion gurus succeeded also to create the proper atmosphere that echoed the colder days and the winter season. White was paired with the other shades of this tone,fused into a pure and neat outfit with additional color patches in the cute cover-ups and skirts. Uber-feminine textures as well as the versatility of white all contributed to the overwhelming experience offered by the collection.

Max AzriaMax AzriaOhne TitelOhne Titel

The A/W 2010 Max Azria show as in the course of the earlier seasons managed to preserve the fine story line of a well-defined collection with neautral tones that still manage to make the desired impression when fused into a fabulous ensemble.In this case the white tights manage to set the perfect color base the whole outfit is built on and enhances the melting of various colors into a single and uniform outfit. Those who are eager to sport some of the safest and classiest alternatives with the matching shoe color trends as well as additional accessories should definitely consider Max Azria’s collections the perfect source of inspiration

Ohne Titel is the real deal when it comes of adopting an uptowjn urban chic style trend. Pair your cute white tights with ankle boots and additional socks if you wish as well as body-conscious dresses and flirty skirts. Models will show you the example of rocking the look with mastery and a versatile perspective. Pick the basic outfit pieces as well as the additional acessories to achieve the desired purpose and impression. Pierce the neautral shades as well as other bright colors into your apparel if you wish to show off your A-list style sense and mix/matching skills.

Images via Style.com, ELLE.com