Apparently there is nothing new under the sun, therefore designers are also thrilled to turn back in time and draw some inspiration from the leading style movements of the past. Moreover combining the various tendencies is even a bigger and attractive challenge for them. The Fall/Winter 2010 urban Hippie fashion trend takes us into a world of colorful textures as well as fabulous tailoring and fabric use. The public was undoubtedly mesmerized by the line up of the unique and versatile looks envisioned by some of the most talented and acclaimed designers.

Charlotte RonsonCharlotte RonsonRalph LaurenRalph Lauren

Charlotte Ronson was one of the first designers who flashed her ambition to bring back those classy fall key pieces and combine them in order to create feminine and poetic outfits. Though stylish floral printed dresses as well as the classy breezy textures as well as silky pants still echo the atmosphere of Woodstock era it is worth mentioning that the designer also added a tint of urban flair with the stylish boots and socks as well as double-breasted coats and even motorcycle jackets. Fusing tradition with a modern and more cosmopolitan allure was the perfect recipe to re-create the Urban Hippie shake.

The A/W 2010 Ralph Lauren collection also shares some of the basic style pieces with the earlier presented designer. However he takes the look to a more classy direction and adds besides the colorful printed dresses we can also notice a large selection of cocktail attires as well as business chic outfits that can be also embedded into our casual chic wardrobe. Inspiration was flowing towards those who are bold enough to master the transition from catwalk to street style.Take a glimpse at these romantic looks and create your own unique outfit be getting hold of the must have Hippie chic items.

KenzoKenzoAnna SuiAnna Sui

Fashion chameleons as Kenzo repeatedly starstruck the public with the latest collection which refuses to take over the melancholic atmosphere of the colder season. Instead it banished the monotony with the help of vibrating clothing items as well as accessories at extremes. The Urban Hippie personality screams for bright shades as orange and red and the chromatic structure is further completed with suede boots as well as leather bags and the A-list hat. ‘Bulky’ was one of the main themes of the collection, the maxi and loose dresses as well as coats would make the desired impression when fused into a sole street chic outfit.

One of the designers who also allies Kenzo in their battle to maintain the cheerful and more vibrating allure of the autumn is Anna Sui. The hyper-talented designer with her unique and rainbow vision of the fashion trends of the future managed to line up her well-known, orange, purple as well as green-toned outfit repertoire. Excessive accessorizing as well as the art of mixing prints is one of the greatest talent of the fashion guru what she is bold enough to flaunt everytime her new collections lands on the runway. The Hippie effect are no novelties in her style fantasy therefore the public was looking forward to see the Urban Hippie apparels this time too.

Peter SomPeter SomHermesHermes

Peter Som though maintained the original Hippie theme of her collection still aimed to combine the various signature prints of this trend with classy style items as the uber-feminine and vintage-inspired coat. This mixture of various style movements gave birth to a unique fashion collection that can be easily taken to one or the other direction when adopted for street chic. The floral prints as well as the vibrating green and red shades all contribute to the relaxed and modern atmosphere of the whole show still with a tint of old-school chic.

Last but not least it is worth mentioning the A/W 2010 collection of Hermes who decided to match dandy style with Urban Hippie influences. The result is both stunning and authentic as well as true to the inventive nature of designers of this fashion house. The classy bowler hats and umbrellas paired with the feathery and bulky dresses as well as the high boots all created a fabulous impression that would indeed mean a great challenge for even the most skilled fashionistas to master and land it on the streets.

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