Mastering the art of layering in order to sport the most stylish trans-seasonal outfits requires a series of mix/matching. The next season offers you the chance to sport your favorite summer outfits paired with warm and soft textures in the same ensemble. A dapper fall look would provide you with warmth and comfort especially when the temperature goes below a bearable measure. The Fall/Winter 2010 turtleneck fashion trend is one of the leading style tendencies that furnishes the style-aware public the privilege to sport the chic breezy dresses, jumpsuits and suits in general during the rainy days. Thanks to the universal and all figure-flattering quality of this apparently tiny detail everyone will have the chance to embed it into a cute autumn and even winter apparel.

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Designers adopted unique perspectives when it comes of pairing the worth keeping summer fashion essentials with turtleneck tops and designs. Polar designs that would grant us with a skin-stroking and pampering effect could be seen in the A/W 2010 collection of Chanel. The special necklines increase the eye-pleasing effect of these stylish dresses that are perfect to bring out the most of our silhouette in spite of being covered with thick layers of clothes.Embrace the loose and more softened turtleneck design in order to feel comfortable in your skin even if armed up with a series of clothing layers.

The Fall/Winter Temperley London collection on the other hand flaunts a Mod-chic inspired look, an era which crowned the turtleneck as the all time winner accessory of stylish sweater dresses and tops. Those who flirt with the idea of adopting a similar trend should move on a wider fall color palette when it comes of stylish dresses and keep the under-layer neutral for a more classy and hip effect.In this case it is also highly advisable to choose the skin-tight necklines as these would add extra-inches to your silhouette and fine angles to your neck.


Turtleneck designs can be also embedded into an Urbane Diva outfit which features the oh-so-stylish leather jacket as well as leggings and breezy dresses paired with ankle or knee-high boots. Those who are fond of their Rock chic look should definitely build up their outfits in the same tradition completed with turtleneck tops or other stylish cover-ups. Leather was undoubtedly the keyword when it comes of modish and cosmopolitan outfits. The turtleneck tops paired with leather jackets as well as the animal print pants and accessories all contribute to a neat and classy apparel without any extreme tailoring techniques and eye-popping patterns.

For a more Romantic and complex structure skim through the collection of Preen which offers a wide and fab selection of outfits that promote the turtleneck fashion trend. Cropped tops are paired with stylish floral printed flirty bustiers and dresses in order to create the perfect atmosphere for a feminine and also exquisite look. The classy color use as well as the minimalist style accessories all aim to make this trend more wearable and adaptable to all clothing styles. Choose one of the looks as the perfect blueprint for your upcoming fall outfits and add your personal charisma to make the ensemble even more personalized and unique.

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One of the main tendencies to consider for those who might not be that huge fans of turtlenecks often associating it with tight and thick textures, is that designers managed also to make these tops and clothing items uber-comfortable and a real pleasure to wear. This could have been made possible due to the silky and smooth as well as super-thin textures and fall fabrics used to their production. Pamper your skin and banish the endless prejudices that surround this accessory and show off your most stylish outfit completed with a similar detail. The collections of Proenza Schouler as well as Cynthia Steffe and also Erin Wasson x RVCA all fuel the spotless reputation of this style wave. Therefore steal the style ideas presented above to build up your own vision of an A-list outfit for the fall season.

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