Fashion trends are constantly trying to bring something new in style and this allows women to change their wardrobe style every year, avoiding a routine and getting bored with your clothes. Trousers have been a highly popular fashion item since they were first designed to be worn by women as they exude style while maintaining a high level of comfort.

The fall/winter 2010 trousers trend has brought a variety of pants styles into fashion, pants which can offer you a stylish and comfortable look for different occasions. Along time a variety of trousers designs have been created, and it seems that all of these styles, whether vintage, retro or moderns have met the high standards of the designers, being featured on this years fashion podiums.

Fashion designers have managed to show that trousers can too offer the same benefits as a dress when it comes to femininity and style, so choose the design that suits your personality and body type best. To ensure you make the right choice we have put together the most popular fall/winter 2010 trousers styles to inspire yourself from, trousers who shouldn’t miss from your stylish fall wardrobe:

Boot-cut trousers

This 70s pants style has made a huge comeback and this couldn’t be any more beneficial for women due to the fact that this pants are created to accommodate boots, since they are highly popular this fall/winter season. The styles created by designers look fabulous and exude femininity as the trousers length and style enhance the feminine forms without making you look or feel uncomfortable.

This type of trousers can be a great option for different occasions such as casual as well as more formal, as they can be created out of different fabrics meaning they can be paired with other formal or casual fashion items and accessories. Choose lace blouses, blazers, shirts and you will look absolutely adorable and stylish every time.

Wide leg trousers

The wide leg trousers look great and can do wonders for women with different body types. This type of pants hug the thighs and have the same width all the way down the leg, creating a very comfortable and stylish look. Wide leg trousers can be created out of a variety of different fabrics so they can be worn for different occasions from formal to casual. Pair this type of pants with feminine blouses and tuck the blouses in for best results. The new boots trend featured this year on the runways match beautifully with this pants style, completing the look fabulously.

Tight fitting trousers

Tight fitting pants look hot and can be a great option for women with fabulous legs. This type of pants mold themselves to the legs and act as a second skin, making them perfect for the occasions in which you want to attract attention towards your gorgeous body. Tight fitting pants can be worn with a variety of different style outfits and accessories to suit your personality as they can be created out of different fabrics from leather to denim.

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