Dresses went through fabulous changes, however some of the basic elements and tailoring designs glimpse back over and over again. The Mod fashion made us familiar with one of the loveliest and most flattering style items of the past decades and apparently the next season. The Fall/Winter 2010 style babydoll dress trend managed to boost the popularity of the fine and bulky textures with a more modern and up-to-the-minute style sense. These dress trends are adopted with confidence by those who would like to flash the beauty of their legs as well as mask the extra-pounds on the mid-sections of the body. However it seems that slender ladies are also fond of the trend as it allows them to enhance their apparel with a flirty and youthful tint. Consider some of the most stylish presences of the babydoll dress on the runway and learn how to choose the best look that flatters your body shape.

Miu MiuMiu MiuStella McCartneyStella McCartney

It can be easily spotted that some designers were touched by the old school Mod fashion which brings the ‘groove back into our hearts’ with its vibrating bright shades as well as sculpted dresses. The A/W 2010 collections of Miu Miu and Stella McCartney are some of the most visibly retro-inspired parades dedicated to the glory of the past style tendencies. Those who are fond of adopting a new identity and take a chic trip back to the 60s will have the chance to draw some inspiration from the babydoll dresses presented above.

Using a more prominent and angled shape as well as fine lines and trademark prints and color blocks is the ultimate solution to make these style operas more authentic. Sport the cute dresses if you would like to bring out the spotless look your legs as well as would like to shift the attention from your waist. Choose the length with great care, consider whether you are bold enough to flash some skin or would rather stay classy and true to your silhouette-consciousness.

RochasMarc JacobsProenza SchoulerProenza Schouler

The designers who envisioned the babydoll dresses above experimented with a new perspective that diverges from the classy Mod looks and instead came up with more alternative style-inspired looks. Marc Jacobs embraces the Boho chic-inspired look whereas the collection of Proenza Schouler takes the trend to a more Grunge chic style. The talent of these fashion gurus indeed lies in their ability to adapt the past tendencies to the contemporary needs of the style-aware public.

Both of the tendencies adopt the signature shape of the dress with additional details and updated accessories as well as design techniques as the choice of colors and cute accessories. In spite of the brand new and unique perspective these dresses are still womanish and would easily highlight the dainty curves as well as our best assets. Consider your preferences of a chic and neat outfit and adopt the one that best suits your criteria of a dream outfit.

Giambattista ValliGiambattista Valli

Gimabattista Valli concentrates on the utmost feminine ideal and composes these babydoll dress designs that might not look challenging when it comes of tailoring and structure still would serve as the best means to perk up our dress collection. The breezy textures as well as the high class flair these chic pieces radiate all contribute to the unique and voguish tint of these style items. Paired with the chic stockings as well as classy shoes and retro-inspired sunglasses the designer managed to breathe life into the Mod fashion in its peek popularity, offering us this way a tiny bite of the fashion heritage of the 60s.

Images via Style.com