Adopting a runway style trend might not be the easiest task if you are in need of the secrets of the perfect accessorizing as well as outfit planning. However, the Fall/Winter 2010 school girl Preppy fashion trend needs less pro skills as well as handiness as it promotes a neat and well-defined apparel line which embraces some of the classy style items worn during the school years. These are without a doubt comfy and practical as well as stylish when dressed up with an urban flair and adding more feminine and cosmo chic features as the high boots and additional accessories. Turn your old-school outfit into a modern and cutting edge style by using your creativity when it comes to playing up your best features. Designers as Proenza Schouler, Donna Karan (DKNY) as well as the Chloe fashion house all offer you the chance to sport the trend in its utmost beauty and glam.

DKNYDKNYCynthia SteffeCynthia Steffe

Classy School Uniform Preppy Style

Those who were enrolled in school that promoted the sporting of a classy uniform know which are some of the must have pieces of an appropriate school apparel. The stylish shirts, coats or blazers as well as cute knee-high socks and even chic skirts are the A-list elements of a textbook style school-fashion appearance. However, it seems that these designers still managed to set these traditional looks into a brand new perspective.

Adding foxier and more feminine features as high heels and mini skirts will perfectly balance out the college look enhancing the whole appearance with a tint of sex-appeal. The chic headwear and socks trend presented in the DKNY and Cynthia Steffe A/W 2010 RTW collections offer the chance to embed the timeless Preppy accessories into our casual wardrobe and sport some of the latest style trends on the market. Take a glimpse at the outfit ideas above and make sure you bring out the uniform-inspired college girl of yourself and rock the look over and over again.

Cynthia SteffeProenza SchoulerKaren Walker Karen Walker

Funky Preppy Style

In spite of the neatness of the trend some designers decided to take the Preppy looks to the next level and turn them into more non-conformist and uniquer looks as the ones popularized and envisioned by Proenza Schouler perked up with a sultry Gothic tint. On the other hand, you should not go that far if you want to sport a funkier Prep look and appeal to the radiating creations of Karen Walker who decided to fuse the bright color trend with the school-girl-inspired fashion and line up a rich parade of outfit alternatives for the fans of this trend.

In this case red, orange as well as any other shades and also the neutral and classy black and white combination make a smashing fashion statement especially when presented in our unique and signature style vision. Whether you would like to pair Preppy with Goth or any other style movement you have free hand to try your hand at all the important styles. Include the must have accessories as the knee-high socks and bow as well as printed details and choose a Preppy hairdo that best suits the overall image.

Tommy HilfigerTommy HilfigerChloeChloe

Ladylike Preppy Fashion

Eager to play up the most romantic and feminine branch of the Preppy look? Then don’t forget about the ladylike Preppy fashion that plays up the dainty flair of your features as well as plays with the girly allure of your features. Emphasize your best assets and rely on your sensual and classier style skills to combine the various outfit items and melt them into a gorgeous apparel.

Cute skirts, tops decorated with bows as well as cute capes and coats trends serve as the best means to play up your classy Prep charm. Crown the look with the latest shoe trends, be it stylish oxfords or knee-high boots that help you stand out from the crowd, even when sporting these outfits as back to school style alternatives. Spy on the A/W 2010 RTW collections of Tommy Hilfiger as well as Chloe for inspiration.

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