Plaid was always one of the most beloved prints in fashion industry. Great designers used it as the safest option to envision of winning style collection. A pattern with a similar heritage as well as fan army couldn’t be tossed from the top position of must have prints. Therefore it comes back over and over again offering us, plaid-fans the chance to sport some of the most stylish both casual as well as semi-formal or formal outfit alternatives. The next season is no exception when it comes of paying its well-deserved tribute to the print, therefore it is highly recommended to scan some of the most prominent and valued looks from the runway envisioned by some of the fashion demigods of our times.

RodarteMarc by Marc JacobsAnna SuiAdam

This year similarly to earlier seasons plaid was used in order to build up complex collections and create fashion creations that are moth charming and cheerful at the same time. Some designers decides to go for the feminine and more body-con line when it comes of envisioning the plaid stylish skirts as well as short and maxi dresses. Rodarte succeeded in embedding the print into a more complex structure paying special attention to the color combination which boosts the prominence and high brow look of the patchwork outfit.

On the other hand Marc Jacobs and Anna Sui again flaunted their preferences for more alternative and retro-chic inspired style ideas. Marc Jacobs obviously inspired by Grunge or Punk chic whereas Anna Suit of the Mod look with its radiant color selection as well as the busy prints and mix/matching of various patterns. The A/W 2010 collection of Adam however takes plaid to the next level and embraces it during the creation of a fabulous and overwhelming maxi dress paired with stylish boots and scarf perfect for the colder season.

Christian DiorChristian DiorDKNYDKNY

Two other fashion gurus of our times with their unique style vision built up a ‘garcon’ and school-uniform inspired look with the various Preppy outfits. Christian Dior and the collection of DKNY were some of the most revolutionary representations of modern plaid that still bears the signs of the old school tradition. The classy pleated skirts and cropped jackets were all some of the signature elements of these parades.

Those who would like to adopt a similar look will have the chance to choose from the infinite range of accessories from the cute and chic lace-up boots as well as platform pumps all in order to further emphasize the dainty look of these outfits in spite of the use of various masculine outfit elements as in the case of the collection of Christian Dior. Let these examples be the perfect inspiration when you build up your next plaid and prints outfit.

L.A.M.BJaeger LondonBensoniBensoni

The row of prominent and A-list collections that adopt the plaid fashion trend goes on and on, however we must include the A/W 2010 show of L.A.M.B, Jaeger London and also Bensoni into the line of great collections worth keeping an eye on. The style ideas offered during these presentations concentrated on the visual effect of plaid especially in its classy black and white and grey version.

This classy print when featured on skirts, tops and also fabulous coats all managed to dress up the apparel with a tint of urban and French chic. Have at least a few pieces decorated with this popular print in your wardrobe to look stylish and prepared with voguish outfits for the rainy and cold season. Choose from the feminine looks as presented above or try your hand at the more alternative ideas to make a real statement and flash your sense for the key trends.

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