Fashion trends can help everyone transform their look and adopt a fashionable style that suits the present. The fall/winter 2010 office chic fashion trend is one of the new trends which suit women who love to show off their powerful business woman character but still maintain that level of femininity which every woman needs.

Adopting an outfit which suits the occasion is a must if you wish to maintain a certain refined look. The new trends have shown that office outfits can too look hot and still maintain a little bit of that sombre style we are all used to. Femininity can be emphasized through a variety of outfits styles, without having to reveal the skin or opting for an extravagant outfit. The new trends featured on the runways this fall/winter season are adorable and perfect for women with different personalities. In order to ensure you choose a stylish office chic outfit try to inspire yourself from one of the following styles put together by some of the most important fashion designers of the world:

Trousers outfits

Trousers are the “it” factor this year when it comes to office chic outfits as they can help crate a lovely feminine look, a comfortable look as well as an appropriate office look. There are a variety of pants styles in trend this year but not all are for you. Go for the wide leg or boot cut trousers as these styles are the most suitable for office wear. Pair the trousers with soft feminine blouses as they will create a fabulous look but make sure to tuck the shirt in as you want to emphasize the style of the outfit. This type of outfit can suit different body type so give it a try.

The masculine inspired suit

Choosing a suit can be a great idea especially if you know how to accessorize it to make the outfit look more feminine. The new masculine inspired suits are cut to emphasize very subtly the feminine shape of the body so wear a trousers suit and add a gorgeous white shirt, a vest and a blazer. Choose a neutral colored suit such as gray, beige, black, and stay away from bold colors. This type of outfit can be worn with boots as well as shoes as you wish and the result will be a gorgeously stylish one if the style suits your personality.

The lovely dress/skirt

The lovely dress/skirt Dresses are the hottest thing this fall/winter 2010 fashion season and this is great news and there are a variety of dresses designs to choose from. When choosing a dress for the office it is important to pay attention to a variety of details such as length, fabric, style, color. All these details can make you look fabulously office chic or a fashion disaster so choose a dress that falls right above or under the knees for best effects. The dress should be created out of a fabric which falls beautifully and which doesn’t mold or flares too much to and from the body. A classic cut that drapes down is the proffered choice. The color of the dress should remain neutral so don’t go for vividly colored dresses. A monochrome nude or dark colored dress should do the trick and it will enhance your beauty and elegance in a sublime manner.

When choosing a skirt you have more liberty when it comes to color as long as you choose a monochrome skirt in camel, black, beige, and pair it with a lovely blouse. The blouse chosen can vary in color so you can choose from white to yellow as long as the outfit doesn’t hurt the eyes.

Choose to wear a trench over any of the above stated outfits so you can complete you look and benefit from a warm, stylish and comfortable outfit which will suit the occasion perfectly. Photo via