The fashion industry is becoming more and more diverse, allowing women to select from a vast variety of fashion styles, styles which are meant to suit women with different personalities. Adapting your style to the new trends can help you become a style icon and a source of inspiration for all. It seems that the fall/winter 2010 masculine influenced fashion trend is allowing women to underline their powerful character through fashion and style.

It is absolutely stunning how much an outfit can transform the look of a person so choosing the right outfit for your personality and body type is a must as nothing is more fashionable and trendy than feeling good about how you look. Men’s fashion has posed a great influence over women’s fashion especially during the past decade and this shows. Pants, blazers, suits, trenches are the stylish masculine influenced fashion items which are highly present on this fall/winter 2010 fashion podiums and we couldn’t be more pleasantly surprised as fashion designers demonstrated their talent and adapted the outfits to enhance femininity in the most powerful manner.

Women who need to adopt a certain business attire, who have a very powerful character can benefit most from this fashion style and there are a variety of options you can make. Fashion designers have found their source of inspiration in different areas and this showed, as each designer had his/her own vision about this trend. Fabulous trousers, tailored jackets and coats can give you the elegant and serious look your are searching for. Just because the designs are masculine inspired doesn’t mean that the outfits lack femininity. The way the cuts were performed allowed the clothes to have that spice that women need.

Color plays a very important role when it comes to the look of any outfit, especially a business outfit. The colors chosen are usually very classic but you can also spice things up a bit by adding a little bit of color to your wardrobe. Choose the classic gray, black, as well as beige, red, dark purple as all these shades will enhance the beauty and style of your outfit. Pay attention to details as these details can make all the difference when it comes to the final result so use proper accessories and be confident so you can radiate.

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