Leather comes in an infinite array of designs when it comes of the newest fashion trends. Pro designers lined up their fantasies of embedding this classy material into various outfits from the red carpet chic apparels to the more edgy and alternative looks. Indeed everyone will have the chance to choose the one that best suits her signature clothing style as well as criteria of an up-to-date look. Explore the uber-feminine softened textures as well as retro-inspired style options and also make sure you don’t overlook the Rock chick designs either. These are some of the most dapper looks of the Fall/Winter 2010 fashion trend worth including in your style repertoire.


Retro-Inspired Leather Fashion

Various deigners decided to use this ageless fabric and at the same time stay true to the past decades and their refined style tendencies and set up a show that would encourage us to travel in time and discover how flirty and sophisticated the old school designs and tailoring patterns really are. Prada both with the selection of fur and leather as the main pillars of the fashion collection as well as matching makeup, hair and accessories managed to set the perfect atmosphere to a retro-inspired and classy outfit line. Those who are fond of these high brow and refined looks should scan the style alternatives offered by the accliamed fashion house.

The A/W 2010 RTW Hermes collection also disntiguished itself from the other shows due to its versatile repertoire that still elaborated the same dandy-style inspired and also retro appearance. The stylish hats as well as additional leather accessories and also provocative textures and designs all contributed to the one-of-a-kind allure of the whole repertoire. Leather skirts, vests and jackets as well as pants all conquered the public craving for style inventions.

Jen KaoJen KaoBalmainNicole Miller

Rock Chic Leather Fashion

Some of the other prominent and eye-catching fashion shows also features leather in its utmost glamor and class. Jen Kao serves as the best example for the designer who has the magical power to create Rock chic and edgy looks still pierce a tint of womanly allure in them. The leather dresses, skirts and jackets all aim to emphasize the best spots of our silhouette as well as play up the sight-pleasing effect of this fabric. Statement shoulders as well as Urban Warrioress-style designs all turned the fashion collection into a contemporary modern art masterpiece.

Two additional designers decided to adopt the same theme, namely Balmain and Nicole Miller.The creations of these valued style artists are built up in the traditional if Rock idols with the stylish and suitable boots as accessories as well as stylish leather pants and the must have leather jackets as the central pieces. Consider your preferences for an eye-popping and more provocative or classy and restrained look and let your leather style items speak for your refined fashion taste.

Haider AckermannHaider AckermannAdamAltuzarra

Sculpted Leather Fashion

We must also include in our brief insight into the main inspirations behind the fall/winter leather fashion the collections above that served as the best proof for the more sculpted leather fashion trend that embraces complex structure, fine tailoring and exsquisit fabric use as its main qualities.Haider Ackermann is one of the main representatives of this style tendency who decided to turn brown leather into a real tool to create architectural looks not simple and practical clothing items.The voluminous and suave jacket designs as well as leather leggigns and skirts all play an essential role in the structure of the whole collection


The A/W 2010 Adam and Altuzarra collections were also created in the tradition of womanly and dainty structured with high collars as well as more voluminous accessories that all managed to play up the unique allure of the dresses and suits.

Images via Style.com, ELLE.com