We all know by now that fashion designers manage to reinvent fashion and bring into style some of the most amazing fashion items. Each season new styles are being introduced into fashion and this allows people to be more versatile with their outfits, avoiding this way a fashion routine which will only help install boredom into your fashion style.

The fall/winter 2010 layered fashion trend is one of the trends which manage to maintain its popular position in fashion as layers can attract a great amount of positive attentions since the look created by the layers is different, eye catching and fabulous if the layering is performed correctly. In order to recreate or adopt this fabulous style one needs to have a basic knowledge of fashion and a great fashion sense as this fashion style is difficult to create and the wrong choice can lead to a fashion disaster.

Elie TahariRodarteJ CrewUndercover

It seems that minimalism is not always the way to go as sometimes more means more and this way you can benefit most out of your outfit. Choosing to over-layer your outfit will definitely help you prevent catching a cold, plus you will also look amazing. The fabrics used to create this fabulous fashion style vary widely from knits to cashmere, just so women can choose the fabrics which they feel most comfortable wearing. However this diversity makes choosing the right layers more difficult as not all fabrics compliment each other. Fashion designers showed just how fabulous a layered outfit can look if the right layers are chosen.

Designers over-layered chiffon with wrap sweaters and skirts, jackets, pants, vests and shawls as well as knits, shearling and leggings to obtain their fabulous layered outfits, and the outfits created were absolutely stunning.

EtroIssey MiyakeJill StuartRichard Chai Love

Sometimes experimenting is the key to the development of a fabulously stylish outfit as through mixing and matching you can get a better visual idea about what’s hot and what’s not! Mixing sequins, shearling, denim, cashmere and so on might not always sound as a great idea but the right colors, designs and outfit styles created out of different fabrics can combine to create a fabulous layered outfit which will make you stand out of the crowd.

Inspire yourself from the fantastic layered outfits signed Christian Dior, BCBG Max Azria, D&G, Elie Tahari, Etro, Issey Miyake, J Crew, Jill Stuart, Missoni and many more others as all designer collections looked fabulous.

Photos via style.com