The fall/winter 2010 fashion trends are absolutely divine as vintage, retro and modern styles are combined to create some of the most adorable season appropriate outfits. Being able to play with different styles, different fabrics and prints can help you achieve different looks which will make you fall out of a routine, in which one tends to stick to only one style of clothing.

The fall/winter 2010 knits fashion trend seems to be one of the new trends which manages to stand out due to its fabulous look. Knits were very popular fabrics in the past and their comeback is a surprise but a pleasant surprise however. The new knitted outfits are fabulous and can be a great option for any occasion in which you want to maintain a casual-chic, comfortable look. The great thing about knits is that they come in different textures and shades so they can be worn with different fashionable items.

Knits were considered quite uncool in the past but fashion designers managed to show that with a little bit of imagination one can achieve some of the most outstanding fashionable and cool looking outfits. Perfect for street wear or office wear, knits can be adapted to suit different situations so you can look great and still feel comfortable. Choose to wear knits with skirts, shorts, pants as well as go for an all knitted outfit just how D&G showed in the 2010 fall collection.

Printed knits are also lovely and can give you a more fun and festive look so you can bring a smile on everyone’s face with your stylish and joyful outfit. Snowflakes, dots and reindeers are very popular when it comes to knitted designs but so are monochrome knits. Choose the knitted outfit that suits your personality and combine the knitted item with different fabrics such as chiffon for a more feminine and unconventional look.

Choosing the right colors is a must when it comes to the cold season as color can enhance your looks. Knits come in a variety of shades but the most popular and fashionable ones this fall/winter season are white, burgundy, gray, black, yellow, camel, etc. Turn to knitted accessories as well as they will help complete the look of your stylish outfit. Pay attention to details and try to adapt the outfit to suit your body type and personality and only this way you will be able to radiate beauty!

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