Those who long for a slender and long silhouette will have the chance to have it with the latest pants trends that aim to offer you some secret style weapons. Indeed those who complain about their short legs will enjoy the privilege of a long and lean figure by embracing the Fall/Winter 2010 high-waisted pants trend. Indeed great designers found out the secret solution to provide us with fashion tricks that would help us create the illusion of a perfectly-proportionate body. Models on the runway illustrated how long legs can become even more longer if you wear the right pants designs. Though some might be skeptical about pairing the high-waited design with the various body shapes however style critics stick to its beneficial effect irrespective of silhouettes. These are only some of the most faddish examples for the high-waisted pants trend.

Charlotte RonsonCharlotte RonsonEmilio PucciEmilio Pucci

High-waisted pants are no strange wardrobe staples for the fans of Boho chic. In fact this particular tailoring patterns lives its heyday during the times when statement meant unique color use and bulky fabrics. Some of the most dapper examples for the Bohemian style high-waisted pants trend can be spotted in the A/W 2010 collections of Charlotte Ronson and Emilio Pucci. The two fashion gurus with their trademark and unique style vision still shared their fondness for the Boho chic theme that embraces this fashion must have for the next season. Pairing the trousers with stylish belts and cute scarves as well as a skin-tight top would balance out the breezy effect of these pants. Pair the pants with stylish high heels or wedges as the perfect method to further increase the length of your legs and steal some inches from your waist-section.

Calvin KleinCalvin KleinOscar de La RentaCynthia Steffe

Fine angles, architectural lines and uber-feminine designs could be detected in the A/W 2010 collections of Calvin Klein, Oscar de la Renta as well as Cynthia Steffe who adopted a more softened and dainty perspective when setting the high-waisted pants on the catwalk. Those who are proud of their curves and feminine silhouette as well as would like to embrace a more office and cosmopolitan chic approach, should definitely take a closer glimpse at these textbook style suave examples of the this trend. Combine the high-waisted pants with breezy silky shirts, cropped tops enhanced with statement shoulders or other fabulous accessories in order to play up the best assets of your silhouette.Feel free to envision your signature outfits and steal the pro style tricks from the runway to polish your refined taste for class and top trends of the season.

Chloe Chloe3.1. Phillip LimTRIAS

Looking for the classy and minimalist adaptation of the high-waisted pants? Then you’ll be thrilled to skim through the overwhelming examples offered by designers as Chloe, 3.1. Phillip Lim as well as TRIAS. These fashion houses grant us with a romantic and more urbane chic adaptation of the trend which lacks edgy and futuristic techniques and instead relies on the traditional patterns, you can’t go wrong with anytime you are in the mood of dressing up your brand new pair of high-waisted pants. From the silky and shimmery textures to the neutral tones as camel or black you’ll find all the top notch trends embedded into a single A-list look worth trying this season.

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