Refusing to wave goodbye to the blooming spring and summer, designers decided to keep on with the tradition of the uber-romantic floral prints both when it comes of casual looks as well as high brow and more ceremonial fashion. Some of the most valued A/W 2010 collections furnish us with a glam presentation of the latest prints trends, including the flower image which is used to decorate stylish mini and floor-sweeping dresses as well as chic tops and accessories. Those who are eager to sport vivid patterns as well as pastel and heart-warming shades all throughout the cold season should take a glimpse at the Fall/Winter 2010 flirty floral style trend as illustrated below.

RodarteRodarteRalph LaurenRalph Lauren

Top-to-Toe Floral Layers

The art of mixing various prints and shades knows no limits for the next season. Indeed designers claimed their rights to use different patterns and embed them into top-to-toe printed outfits. Rodarte as well as Ralph Lauren during their A/W 2010 RTW fashion shows managed to offer the most spectacular examples of fusing two popular style trends the floral print as well as the overall printed outfits. These two tendencies give birth to artistic and high brow style operas with the stylish gowns, layered outfit pieces as well as skirts.

In order to rock the trend all you have to do is let your sensual side and creativity loose and stuff your wardrobe with flower prints both when it comes of clothes as well as additional accessories. Adopt a more fairy-chic inspired trend as shown at Rodarte and complete the look with a cute and youthful hairdo as well as heels for a more glamorous effect. On the other hand this style wave also knows another shade namely the one presented by Ralph Lauren which tends towards the Bohemian look crowned with stylish boots as well as headwear.

Nina RicciNina RicciEmporio ArmaniEmporio Armani

3D Floral Embellishment

Flirty floral textures were also popular during the autumn/winter shoes as more and more designers couldn’t get enough of the print and decided to go for the stylish 3D embellishments. These blooming flower details on voluminous skirts and dresses as well as their muted and less prominent version were all presented on the runway. In this case Nina Ricci offers an ambrosial example for the 3D floral accessories that boost the volume as well as the dimension of stylish red carpet dresses as well as chic skirts. Though it might add a few inches to our silhouette it is still worth adopting for the eye-pleasing and stunning impression it created.

Furthermore during the Emporio Armani Fall/Winter 2010 collection the public witnessed a more classy and restrained use of floral designs and details. In this case skirts as well as stylish dresses were crowned with a more romantic and retro-inspired flower embellishment in the matching tone to blend into the overall visual effect of the dresses. The unique fashion creations will undoubtedly become some of the most sought after designs among celebs to shine their way through the red carpet.

BensoniBensoniVivienne WestwoodEtro

Digital Floral Prints

We must mention additional fashion gurus as Bensoni, Vivienne Westwood as well as Etro who succeeded in lining up a rich and spectacular selection of floral printed creations appealing to digital art. These print designs ranging from the abstract to the more true-to-life examples all served as the best means to dress up the maxi dresses, stylish gowns as well as cocktail attires. The style fantasies presented on the runway would fuel us with the proper drive to arm up our wardrobe with some of the most stylish key fashion pieces for fall. Embrace the trend and find out which one of these three would suit your preferences for a flawless look.

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