The fifties have been considered very trendy from a fashion point of view because women as well as men used to dress flawlessly, adopting a clean look which made them worthy of admiration. The “just stepped out of a vintage magazine” look is back and the fall/winter 2010 fifties fashion trend can suit everyone.

Women adopted a very “lady like look” which enhanced their femininity and sex appeal in the most fashionable manner; the design of the outfits helped emphasize the waist and bring out the feminine forms of the body. It seems that fashion designers have constantly found the ’50s as a great source of inspiration which lead to the comeback of this fashionable style in the modern world. Vintage fashion exudes style and the well tailored designs can enhance beauty in the most elegant manner. The most popular comebacks are swing dresses,pencil skirts, bustiers, swing skirts; fashion items which look adorable and suit a variety of different occasions.

A little bit of modernism has been implemented through the collections, modernism given through the colors and accessories used to complete the look of the outfits. The dresses created to suit this fashion style are meant to create an hourglass shaped body, a look which enhances and creates a wasp looking waist which men and women adore. This look is very feminine and elegant at the same time. The dresses fall to an under the knee length to create a very clean and innocent look. The attention is drawn away from the legs upwards towards the chest, the design of certain dresses creating a push-up effect to emphasize the chest.

The pencil skirts are definitely one of the hottest skirts of the moment as their elegance and style are difficult to top. The look created by the dresses is very provocative yet elegant so this is definitely a fashion item suitable for powerful women who exude femininity and style. This type of skirts collaborate beautifully with gorgeous feminine bustiers, vaporous blouses which mold to the upper body. The tops are usually tucked in to create a very uniform look that flows so inspire yourself from the fabulous outfits signed, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Bibhu Mohapatra, Cacharel, Fendi, etc.