We already know how to wear cropped tops for the summer. Now, it’s time to enrich our fashion knowledge and find out the best means to embrace this timeless trend for the present season. The Fall/Winter 2010 cropped top fashion trend flaunts the magic recipe for an all time winner outfit that would take the public of its feet. Whether you decide to adopt the more body-con approach or would rely on the power of layering the point is to stay true to your body type and refined taste. Combine the various cropped tops according to their shades and tailoring as well as fabric. Fortunately there is an infinite range of selection to choose from therefore you won’t have any excuse for skipping the look. Scan the best looks from the runway and store them in your mind in order to be able to envision them everytime you are in the mood of sporting classy and chic cropped tops.

ADAMElise OverlandMissoniMissoni

One of the most impressive adaptations of the cropped top trend is the one presented in the A/W 2010 shows of ADAM, Elise Overland as well as Missoni. These designers were not afraid of flashing some skin and offer a brand new perspective for sporting these wardrobe stapled during the cold days. Indeed this might require a worth-admiring silhouette as it presupposes the flashing of some skin. Those who are proud of their flawless skin as well as slim and slender figure should definitely try their hand at the body-con cropped top trend as illustrated above. Pair your cute top with high-waisted or normal knee-length skirts as well as pants if you wish. It might not be the perfect outfit option for your office day or school however spend your spare time at the mall or movie and wear a similar chic and up-to-date wear with attitude. Choose from the silky textures, thick and more warmish fabrics and sweaters if you wish.

Rag& BoneRag& BoneDiesel Black and GoldProenza Schouler

If you are more of a creative type, then go for the layered cropped top trend which requires additional fashion pieces to build up your outfit gradually. It might seem more difficult as you have to pay special attention to all the tiny details from fabrics, colors to proportions. The least skill-challenging option is indeed to pair it with a cute shirt. Make it longer in order to bring out the best of your waist and create a contrastive visual illusion with the help of the smaller top and larger shirt.

The A/W 2010 collection of Rag&Bone serves as the best source of inspiration to learn the chi secrets of layering. These outfits are spotless and show the art of mix/matching at its greatest and most refine mastery. The rainy days when you might feel more comfortable with layers of clothes on you this style alternative will prove to be an A-list solution to keep you warm. Additional sources to draw some inspiration from are the collections of Diesel Black and Gold as well as Proenza Schouler.

LacosteJean Paul GaultierBrian Reyes Brian Reyes

If you began to flirt with the idea of stuffing your wardrobe with the most stylish cropped tops from the market make sure you take a look first at the collections above that would offer you an ideas where and what to look for to bring out the most of your features and figure. Whether you adopt the sporty chic wear or would like to stick to your femininity and suave angles and lines, the point is to learn the basic skills of juggling with various lengths the texture of fabrics as well as with color blocks. Those who are keen to experiment with the most eccentric and at the same time exquisite fashion tendencies should find a way to live out their style fantasies and pull off a similar runway- and red carpet-worth outfit as the ones in the collections of: Lacoste, Jean paul Gaultier and Brian Reyes.

Images via Style.com