This year with the Fall/Winter 2010 bright color fashion trend designers repeatedly flashed their 'no-no' attitude towards neutral shades in spite of the melancholic atmosphere often associated with autumn. Instead some decided to break with the tradition and come up with a rainbow line of clothes and outfits that pay tribute to the cheerful and mood-boosting power of radiating and vibrating shades. Those who are impressed and more fascinated to mix/match these unique colors should definitely try their hand at the new trends and sport some of the most eye-catching outfits of the season.

Despite the fact that the Autumn/Winter 2010 color trends are often limited to pastel as well as earth-tones designers decided to take a different turn and head towards the bright side of life. Embracing these vibrating tones offers the public the chance to sport some of the most stylish and colorful outfits also during the next season without having to ditch the colorful designs out from the wardrobe. Khaki, brown as well as beige are not the only tones named as must have hues for autumn, instead the style-conscious public is given free hand to adopt a more versatile and modern attitude towards basic clothing pieces as well as accessories. These all follow the Fall/Winter 2010 bright color fashion trend and provide us with loads of creativity as well as the privilege to build up our own signature look from the various voguish fashion items.

3.1. Phillip LimMarc JacobsFrancesco ScognamiglioValentino

Glitter y textures as well as sequin dresses are embellished with an additional vibrating hue during the shoes of Phillip Lim as well as Marc Jacobs. These designers decided to further upgrade the glam look with fabrics as well as refined tailoring in purple and mustard. These shades have the power to play up the uptown allure of the outfit and make it more spectacular as well as crowd-pleasing and perfect for various events.

Those who would like to still keep a distance with the shiny and glamorous textures have the chance to flirt with the idea of sporting the muted still visionary shades promoted by Francesco Scognamiglio and Valentino during the A/W 2010 RTW fashion collection. Partially decorated outfits as well a the top-to-toe alternative took the public of their feet. The mesmerizing aspect of the colorful ensembles indeed turned these collections into one of the most prominent, praised and respected shows of the season.


Balenciaga and Marni are only some of the mostly mentioned and worshiped names when it comes of bright and seasonal tones. The fondness of designers for the pastel and candy tones from the turquoise to the blood red as well as blue and yellow turns the show into a real fashion fantasy that banishes the limitations that once restrained the color use during the rainy as well as cold season.

Long gone are the days when the public had to adapt to the practical domain of fashion and sport tones that won't look spoiled and too eye-popping during these melancholic days.Instead as these style demigods claim, it's time to sport all the key pieces of the rainy season in a more joyful and look brightening hue. Both complete outfits as well as the various and individual style items made their way up to the runway and soon to streets to inspire millions from all over the world.

RochasEmilio PucciVersaceVersace

Fashion houses as Rochas, Emilio Pucci as well as Versace also joined the party of vibrating hues fans and offered several drop-dead gorgeous style operas to the style-conscious public during their A/W 2010 RTW show. The cute mix/matching of various tones as well as head-to-toe ensembles and formal and high brow gowns all furnish us with the perfect examples on how to embed the bright shades into our Fall wardrobe. Feel free to try your hand at this style trend and keep the vibrating wardrobe stapled at hand to sport some of the most sight-enchanting looks of the next season.

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