Purity and the out-of-this-world allure can be best illustrated in fashion with the play of various shades combined into refined and high brow collections. This time winter wonderland seems to dominate also the rainy season as designers envisioned complete lines of all white creations in their uniform and blinding allure. Those who are enchanted by the visual effect of this vibrating shade will have the chance to cover themselves from top-to-toe with it. The Fall/Winter 2010 all white fashion trend offers us a sight-pleasing experience with the most spectacular fashion fantasies all dressed in pure ivory. Explore the most stylish designer collections of the season when it comes of uniform apparels and take a tour in the world already covered with a thick snowy blanket.

Calvin KleinCalvin KleinGucciGucci

Chic businesswomen as well as urban fashionistas were marching on the runway during the A/W 2010 RTW fashion shows of Calvin Klein and Gucci. The two hyper-respected and admired fashion houses succeeded in flashing the formal and more uptown allure of white. These looks, perfect for a business meeting as well as a shopping binge in the most acclaimed stores as well as a semi-formal cocktail party would provide us with the ideal privilege to sport uniform outfits built up with the classy dresses as well as shirts and white pants and additional accessories as the white tights,boots and jewelry. Adopt the ultra-feminine and sophisticated adaptation of the trend if you would like to make a fab style statement at work or on the street. Dare to be different and go for drama with these ivory colored classy outfits and take a peek on the A-list examples these collections have to offer you.


Setting the perfect theme for a winter tale with the Ice Queen and fairies in the central role these designers set up a real mythical atmosphere to line up their Antarctica-inspired looks. The A/W 2010 RTW fashion show of Chanel appeal to the signature cosy and comfy fabrics as well as puffy textures that would keep us warm during the windy days. White is indeed the ultimate shade that has the power to mirror the purity of the winter encouraging the public to arm up with the thickest and softest materials and textures. Undoubtedly these looks transcend the rules of casual chic and instead incline towards the more glamorous tint of all white fashion.

On the other hand in the case of Rodarte the Ice Queen theme is changed and muted turning models into stunning fairies who dressed up their stylish all white dresses with draping as well as layered details. These looks perfect for special winter events would flatter all body shapes and would definitely mesmerize the public due to the refined details as feathers, fringes and also ruffles. The girly and less dramatic looks might be the favorite option for those who are eager to adopt the trend and sport it honoring special moments and events.

Erin Wasson x RVCAErin Wasson x RVCAHermesMarc Jacobs

It would be indeed a backbreaking task to enlist all the fab collections that adopt this fall winter color tendency as it seems that most of the fashion gurus were at least once impressed by the visual effect of white in order to pierce a few style operas into the colorful parades of apparels. However it is a must to include in our overview the A/W 2010 RTW show of Erin Wasson who takes a more Boho chic turn and decides to fuse the various elements of this alternative fashion style with the grace and refinement of white. Models offered a cast of outfit ideas all in white with the additional accessories as boots and headwear.

Hermes and Marc Jacobs apparently only dipped their fingers into this bold style tendency and decided to feature it in their shows still not with equal prominence as their earlier mentioned colleagues. The Hermes show still preserving the retro-inspired look dressed models into fur coats paired with stylish tights as well as cute hats and ankle boots. This ensemble guaranteed the overwhelming success of the show making it one of the most prominent and worth-keeping an eye on parade of outfits. Furthermore Marc Jacobs limited himself to the womanish allure the endless shades of white can oh-so-fabulously echo. The stylish skin-stroking and body-con dresses with the natural allure of the models all banished the monotony and drama the upcoming seasons are associated with.

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