Fall 2013 color trends enlarge a set of inspiring and beautiful colors next to the main color. Perhaps every fashionista remembers what the color of the year 2012 was, which is the Tangerine Tango and Oxblood. These colors were seen first on the runways and then spread in the whole world. This season the color palette of the Pantone company is full of lively and pleasant colors.

The main color what the Pantone forecasts is represented by the color Emerald. This color is almost like a royal color, since it is bright, buoyant and if looking at close to the color, other shades can come to mind, like the turquoise and the deep-blue.

Pantone itself calls the fall 2013 color trends, the palette of many moods. We all know a little about the psychology of the colors, and know that the cold colors includes the blue and the shades of this color, meanwhile the warm-toned colors are represented by the red and its shades. The only fact is when we associate the blue with something warm, like the turquoise blue water.

Fall 2013 Color Trends: Pantone Color Forecast Fall 2013 Color Trends: Pantone Color Forecast

We can associate all these beautiful things when we are watching the runway shows and we see the clothes made by the designers. Designers who were thinking in this concept are the Gucci, Zac Posen, Alberta Feretti or Michael Kors. Beautifully made jackets, shorts and blazers, blouses and skirts are all clothes which can be worn in this color on summer and for fall. Emerald can be paired with every earth-toned color, like brown or if use more brighter or darker shades of the next colors like purple, navy is great, these colors are perfectly matching with each other.

Other shades of Emerald green that Pantone forecasts is the Mykonos Blue, which is a special shade of the blue and as its name shows, it is a blue which brings us to Greece, to the beautiful sea-water and the color of the villages. It is a relaxing color and by wearing this in fall on a jumper, jacket or skirt gives a freshness to the whole ensemble.

Another shade of the emerald green is the more lighter, linden green, which is a combination of the light green and light yellow, close to the mustard. Wear a linden green colored scarf with a dark blue, purple blouse or earth-toned colors. The fall 2013 color trends include other warm colors like the hot Samba, the exotic Acai or the lively Vivacious, all being shades of the red.

Fall 2013 color trends also include darker colors, namely the Deep Lichen Green, a dark brown Carafe and the Turbulence, which is a grey-like color. These colors greet back perhaps on military inspired designs, like at Victoria Beckham or Alexander Wang. Combine all these dark colors with dark navy, purple to get a more sophisticated look.

Fall 2013 Color Trends: Pantone Color Forecast Fall 2013 Color Trends: Pantone Color Forecast

Photo courtesy of Pantone