Vintage styles have always posed as one of the richest sources of inspiration for fashion designers, enabling them to give “life” to some of the most incredible fashion collections. The fall 2010 vintage fashion trends enable women to emphasize their beauty and style in the most amazing manner as there are a variety of fashionable outfits to choose from.

When choosing an outfit it is imperative to pay attention to several details such as personality, style, body type, as all these details can have a great influence over your look. These details can underline your individuality and style, allowing you to make a statement and be unique in the way you dress. The fall 2010 fashion trends are absolutely exquisite as variety dominates the runways. This diversity allows women to select the right fashion pieces for them, creating endless mixing and matching possibilities. Accessories play a major role when it comes to fashion and they too can transform the look of any outfit style in seconds. The fall 2010 vintage fashion trend is fabulous and can help women create a look which stands out by far due to the cut of the outfits as well as the combinations performed. To ensure you select the perfect vintage outfit, try to include the following fashionable items into your stylish fall/winter wardrobe:

Wide leg pants Wide leg pants look amazing and can benefit a variety of body types due to the cut. Perfect for thin as well as curvy women, wide leg pants can draw attention towards the hips and the waist rather than to legs, making them ideal for women with thick or thin legs. These type of pants come in a variety of colors and can be created out of different fabrics such as denim, cotton, or any other fabric which falls beautifully around the legs. Pair these type of pants with tight shirts which can be tucked in to accentuate your waist and upper body. Choose oversized bags, thin belts, long necklaces, oversized bracelets, platform shoes to complete the look of your outfit.

wide leg pants fall 2010 Prada wide leg pants fall 2010

Knits Knits are absolutely fabulous and can offer you the style and warmth you are seeking. There are so many options you have when it comes to knotted outfits, in order to obtain a fabulous look which stands out and enhances your body best. From knitted sweaters to vest, knits look great and can be combined with a variety of other stylish fashion pieces such as pants and skirts. Due to the complexity of the knitted outfits try to limit your accessories to a simple fashionable bag, a narrow belt and fabulous high heel shoes.

Akris knitted vest 2010 fall Prada knitted sweater fall 2010

A-line cut dresses These type of dresses were a huge success in the 1950’s due to the cut which emphasizes the fabulous forms of a woman’s body. The dress is cut to accentuate the waist line and fall down until the knees. The dress gradually widens towards the knees, creating an hourglass shape that looks amazing. These dresses can come in a variety of colors and designs to ensure women benefit from variety. Due to its incredible style, the dress doesn’t need too many accessories so try to limit yourself to a simple bag, simple jewelry and fabulous pumps.

Prada A-line dress Prada dress 2010 fall

Pencil skirts or dresses These type of skirts or dresses are absolutely remarkable as their design can emphasize the body in the most amazing manner, creating an elegant yet sexy look which is a magnet when it comes to grabbing attention. These type of skirts and dresses usually fall around knee length to create a perfectly balanced look underlining the forms of the body due to the cut. These type of dresses are perfect for women who wish to draw attention towards the body as well as the legs. The fabulous style of the pencil skirts as well as pencil dresses don’t require bold accessories so you can look simple yet fabulous at the same time. Photos via

Aquiliano.Rimondi 2010 pencil skirt Chado Ralph Rucci 2010 fall