Fashion plays a very important role when it comes to the way others perceive us so paying as much attention to style can have a positive impact over the physical appearance. Fashion offers us new trends to choose from every season, allowing diversity to take over, avoiding this way a fashion routine.

The fall 2010 glam grunge fashion trend is one of the newest trends which seems to stand out from the rest due to the fabulous, interesting way the outfits are put together. The glam grunge fashion style is definitely not a fashion style for everyone, as the mixed colors, and outfit styles create a powerful eye catching look which will most definitely make you the center of attention. Combining different elements can definitely underline your fashion style and individuality, so if you’re looking for a unique style that will not make you look extravagant but still manage to take the dullness out of your wardrobe, go for a grunge glam fashion style.

Balmain fall 2010 Just Cavalli fall 2010 Just Cavalli fall 2010 Balmain fall 2010

Combining metallic fabrics with leather, shearling and knits may not sound as such a great combination but fashion designers managed to demonstrate exactly the opposite. Putting together different elements which collaborate beautifully together can help you create one of the most amazing looking outfits, an outfit that falls out of the patterns and enhances your fashion style.

Fashion designers have reintroduced printed, colorful leggings into style and this can make any outfit look fabulous as long as a perfect color coordination is maintained. Leggings and tight leather pants look hot and worn by a women with a gorgeous body they can mold to the feminine forms, enhancing the sex-appeal in the most stylish manner.

Balmain 2010 fall Just Cavalli 2010 fall

Dark colored fashion items combined with colorful printed items or luxurious fabrics create a fabulous grungy looking style, exactly how Just Cavalli and Balmain manages to demonstrate. Choose fabulous colored or printed leggings, dark tight fitting slim leather pants, faux-fur coats, metallic blazers, cool colored skirts, and fabulous grungy style tops to add to your stylish new fall wardrobe and you will most definitely not regret it. There are a variety of ways you can combine the outfits to obtain a more subtle grunge style look or a more extravagant look that stands out through the style as well as the colors.

Go for black, electric blue, yellow, gray, gold, purple, burgundy red colors if you wish as these shades can give an extra twist to your outfit making you stand out even more. Mix and match until you find the right glam grungy style for you so everyone will admire your for you incredible fashion sense. Photos via

Just Cavalli fall 2010 Balmain fall 2010