Dresses have always been an important piece of a woman’s wardrobe as they represent femininity best enhancing the fabulous feminine forms of the body. There is a variety of dress designs to choose from, as each year, the style of the dresses change to suit the new trends in fashion.

The fall 2010 dresses trend comes to help women underline their feminine beauty through a variety of incredibly stylish designs which suit different events as well as the season. Fashion designers find their muses in different periods, in nature as well as in a certain style icon, allowing their collections to be unique and different.

With influences from the ’60s until present, the new fall 2010 dresses trend manages to capture everyone’s attention through marvelous designs which are meant to suit women with different body types or fashion styles. Ensuring the chosen dress will suit the occasion, body type as well as personality can help you create a fabulous, admirable look, which will make you stand out through your natural beauty and style.

In order to make the right stylish choice for the 2010 fall season, try to take the following popular trends into account whenever choosing a dress for any occasion:

Casual dresses Choosing a dress for a casual occasion requires a little bit of skill as going a bit overboard can make you look inappropriate. These types of dresses usually have a less somber feel attached; the colors, the fabrics and the designs are simpler and don’t stand out too much. Casual dresses can have a shorter cut in order to reveal the leg area, creating a balanced feminine look, which has no vulgarity attached or a long cut to attract more attention towards the fashion style. These types of dresses can be worn with a variety of casual style accessories and shoes, depending on the cut, fabric and style of the dress.

Jill Stuart Fall 2010 Kenzo 2010 fall DKNY 2010 fall Ana Sui fall 2010

Cocktail dresses Every woman’s wardrobe should definitely include a fabulous cocktail dress, just to be ready for this type of semi-formal occasions. There is a variety of cocktail dresses to choose from depending on body type and personality, so try to choose a style that still maintains a well defined limit from a casual dress and an evening/formal dress.

Try tight fitting semi-short dresses, over the knee cut dresses with a relatively simplistic design. Avoid embellishments as they are more suitable for a very formal evening occasion. Feathers, fur are definitely accessories you can take into account when selecting this type of dress as they can give you an instant luxurious look.

Just Cavalli 2010 fall Diane von Furstenberg 2010 Fall

Evening formal dresses The evening formal dresses have a more sophisticated design and are meant to attract attention through the style as well as the fabric which is used in creation. There is a variety of luxurious fabrics to choose from and different combinations can lead to even more spectacular dress designs. When it comes to evening formal dresses you can choose the dress length that suits your body type and personality best so you can go short, medium as well as long.

Choose tight fitting dresses or dresses which fall gently around the body to emphasize in the most subtle manner your feminine body shape, as you will look great regardless of your choice. Luxurious, classic as well as glamorous designs are in when it comes to this type of dresses, so choose the ones you think suit you.

Carlos Miele 2010 fall Marchesa 2010 fall

When it comes to color you can try tones which will suit the season such as darker shades. Black, blue, copper are only a few of the most popular colors used to enhance the fabulous style of the 2010 fall dresses, so choose the color that suits your skin tone and personality best. Photos via style.com