Casual chic fashion is one of the most popular fashion styles due to the look as well as comfortable outfits that can be attributed to this fashion style. Fashion and style are very important when it comes physical appearance, this is why most people try to adopt a style that defines their personality best while keeping up with the latest trends in fashion.

The fall 2010 casual chic fashion trend manages to stand out from the rest of the fashion styles featured on the runway fashion presentations due to the incredibly stylish combinations created, meant to exude style while keeping a high level of comfort. A day out shopping, walking, hanging out with friends can be tiring thus you need clothes which will not take away your style and still give you a high level of comfort. In order to create a stylish casual chic outfit one needs to pay attention to body type, personality and new trends in fashion. Mixing and matching different fabrics, colors as well as fashion items can help you create an outfit which will suit you perfectly and make you stand out due to the incredible amount of style the outfit and you will exude. So, if you are looking for a fabulous casual chic outfit tr to take the following fashion items into consideration and combine them as you see fit:

Leggings/stockings Leggings or stockings can give your outfit a little bit of a spice while keeping your legs warm and a little bit away from direct contact with the cold season’s weather. There are a variety of leggings and stockings styles to choose from, from sheer to opaque, from printed to simple, and they are all fabulous and perfect to match different outfits. Try to wear them with casual dresses or longer blouses, as these outfits benefit best from their style. Inspire yourself from designer fashion collections such as Anna Sui, ADAM, Jean Paul Gaultier and many more others.

blumarine fall 2010 Anna Sui 2010

Tight fitting pants Whether made out of leather or any other type of fitting fabric, tight fitting pants are hot and will put your body into value whenever you’ll have them on. These pants styles are amazing but definitely don’t suit everyone. In order to pull off these pants you definitely need “killer” legs as the pants will draw attention to your lower body. These pants styles can be paired with a variety of blouses and T-shirts such as Balmain, Diane von Furstenberg, Hermes, etc managed to show.

Cute skirts Whether classic, dolly or tight fitting, skirts are definitely in this fall season and you can wear them with your legs bare, or stockings, depending on personal preference. Choose the skirt style that suits your body type best in order to conceal your flaws and maximize your best features. Choose shorter cur skirts that reveal the legs if you feel comfortable as they are definitely going to make you stand out. Choose the top to match the skirt style in order to achieve a perfect finished look.

Banana republic skirt

Cute dresses Dresses are definitely a fashion item that should be a part of your wardrobe this 2010 fall season as they look fabulous and can suit different body types and fashion styles. Choose from maxi to short,tight fitting dresses as they are all great as long as they are completed using the right accessories.

anna sui

AccessoriesAccessories play a major role in defining or underlining your fashion style as they can completely change the style of your outfit. This year go for boots, pumps, booties, in different styles from classic to extravagant. Go for shoulder bags or hand medium size bags that suit your outfit perfectly for best look. Use scarfs and cute hats to keep yourself warm and give the finishing touch to your outfit and you will look great.

Pay attention to details and you will most definitely radiate beauty and style in your trendy 2010 fall casual chic outfit! Photos via