Prints have always helped create some of the most stylish fashion items and have always been in and out of style, depending on the season, year and new trends set. This fall season, animal prints have made a huge comeback, dominating the designer fashion collections.

The fall 2010 animal prints trend looks absolutely stunning and manages to stand out due to the variety of prints and colors available. Because printed outfit give a certain luxurious and rebellious look, they blend beautifully with the a variety of different style outfits and accessories. Animal prints can also be integrated into different fabrics to create different effects such as subtle prints or vivid colorful prints. This year the prints could have been seen from shoes to accessories and clothing and they all looked fabulous.

Working with animal prints is not easy as there is a fine line between fabulous and fashion disasters, and fashion designers managed to combine the prints with different monochrome or faded printed fabrics to create amazingly stylish fashion items which exude great taste and style. To look fabulous try to inspire yourself from this fall’s fashion collections and add make the following prints a part of your fall wardrobe:

Blumarine fall 2010 Blumarine fall 2010 zebra prints

Zebra prints The zebra print looks absolutely fabulous as it creates a stylish black and white color combination which could spice up any elegant outfit. Fashion designers used zebra prints on trenches as well as outfits and accessories, creating a jungle themed elegant look that makes you stand out without looking inappropriate. Black and white are two of the most dominant 2010 fall colors as they are timeless, elegant, suitable for the season as well as all type of events.

leopard prints Blumarine 2010 fall Roberto Cavalli 2010 fall Oscar de la Renta 2010 fall Roberto Cavalli 2010 fall

Leopard prints If you are looking for an outfit or an accessory which will spice up your outfit giving you a sensual, seductive and powerful look, take leopard prints into consideration as they are hot and can make you look unbelievable. The brown and black coloration of this print collaborates beautifully with most of the 2010 fall color season, allowing you to mix and match different color outfits to create one that enhances your natural beauty and style best. Choose leopard printed skirts, dresses, bags, shoes as well as leggings if you wish to be in the center of attention but be careful not to go overboard with the prints to look like a feline yourself.

snake skin print Blumarina 2010 fall snake skin

Snake skin prints Luxury is one of the main characteristics of this fall 2010 fashion and snake skin manages to enter this category with ease. Snake skin prints colored naturally and suitable for the fall season look extraordinary and can create a certain mysterious and attractive look that exudes elegance. Choose from snake print dresses to boots and accessories, so you can create the perfect outfit for you. Photos via