The capsule designed by the ingenious and young fashion goddess Erin Fetherston for Juicy Couture keeps the fashion pack on their toes as we approach to the release date. Therefore to stay versed with he whole background story behind this fabulous clothing line it’s time to find out more on the tiniest details.

The collaboration between the great style trusts gave birth to a feminine, classy and all age-appropriate style parade that includes chic velvet and silky dresses as well as accessories that would help us build up the most flattering and sultry party look for the upcoming parties. The Erin Fetherston Juicy Couture Holiday Collection 2010 appeal to the use of iconic fabrics as well as creative tailoring patterns that still bear some of the fondness of Erin Fetherston for the high class designing legacy.

Earlier this year Erin Fetherston told WWD that: “I think this is an incredible opportunity. I relate to their fun-loving sense of irreverent, feminine fashion,” “It’s exciting for me to dress the Juicy girl, which is a very large audience. I’ve always admired the Juicy Couture brand. They’ve had incredible growth in such a short time. It’s an incredible honor to work here.”.

Besides staying true to the design policy of Juicy Couture, the young designer also wishes to add something of her signature and unique fashion talent and creativity to make the complete collection even more appealing and memorable.The color palette also adapts to the ceremonial atmosphere that inspired the whole line. Therefore you’ll have the chance to cover your body with the blissful and soft black and red dresses as well as jumpsuits ans silky pants tinted in the same shades.

Classy silhouettes and a retro-inspired couture is echoed in the fabulous collection that includes mesmerizing dresses with dolman sleeves as well as cute party suits that are just perfect to make a smashing and sight-enchanting impression both when posing on the red carpet as well as honoring the New Year’s Eve party. Draping was indeed some of the dominating design techniques Erin Fetherston used to envision the best apparel ideas for remarkable events.

Furthermore she also appeals to the visual power of the girly glam bows complementing the uber-chic effect of stylish skirts and dresses. Some of the high street pieces of the collection include the all time favorite silk jumpsuit that would definitely steal the heart of both celebs and also the fashion-aware public. Hit the streets with these cute ensembles to be the main attraction of the night.

Erin Fetherston controbuted also to the stylish repertoire of accessories offered by Juicy Couture of the holidays. As a consequence you’ll be privileged enough to top your party look with similar stylish and dainty bags and also as the jewelry stone of the whole capsule the sparkling headband immortalized with the help of the additional kitten ears embellished with glam beads.

The Juicy Loves Glamour Girls collection will be released online on November 15 and it will be available on the Juicy Couture online store as well worldwide. Those who wish ti find out more on the dirty finances should know that the stylish ensembles will be sold for prices beginning from $158.00 to $378.00.

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