One of the true geniuses of fashion, Elie Saab, has managed to leave every fashion critique numb with his latest spring 2011 haute couture collection.

Haute couture has always tried to emphasize the artistic side of fashion design and sometimes this artistic side has given birth to breathtaking creations. Fashion is supposed to be worn and please the eyes, and Elie Saab’s spring 2011 haute couture collection manages to show the exact essence of haute couture.

Elie Saab has managed to maintain a synonymous name with glam fashion for women for a decade now counting. Femininity, luxury and beauty are all elements which are associated with his design line, as Elie Saab managed to capture this essence and transpose it into each of his collections. The newest fashion collection manages to stand out from the others through the luxurious details which take you back to vintage glamour.

The dresses created exude femininity, sophistication and style. It is absolutely amazing how this fashion guru enhanced femininity without baring too much skin. Elie Saab isn’t shy about using sheer fabrics which reveal the skin as well as long slits which are meant to show off those gorgeous legs, but this collection is a bit more toned down. This doesn’t mean the collection is short on cleavages, but you can see a lot of dresses which are neck cropped for that extra touch of vintage.

The designs beautifully hug the body in just the right places to create that fabulous hourglass shape body that everyone adores. Each dress has that “je ne sais quoi” which makes it look unique and makes you want to own it. These dresses might as well be the dresses you’ve always dreamed of.

Organza, chiffon, lace and fabulous embroideries give the couture collection that glamorous feel we all love. Some of the dresses have a more classical – think Sophia Lauren or Audrey Hepburn – while others are bolder and more glamorous, with that Marilyn Monroe sensuality.

The colors used by Elie Saab vary widely from soft neutrals to bold shades to ensure that the colors suit different occasions and personalities. Black, red, coral, nude, pale green and lavender are the colors which Elie Saab used to enhance the beauty of his designs. This haute couture collection is definitely worth your admiration, and even though most women can only dream of such a dress, nothing can stop you to inspire yourself and try to recreate one of his amazingly stylish designs for your personal delight!

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