As usual, Elie Saab’s spring/summer 2011 collection is remarkable and really impressive. Flowy, breezy silk or satin long dresses, office outfits and extremely stylish suits, sexy shorts, and oh-so-glamorous cocktail dresses are the key elements of the collection, every single one of his creations being able to flatter a woman’s body.

Green, champagne pink, beige, smoky white, apricot, light blue, silver, and soft prints represent the main colors proposed by the famous fashion designer. As for the accessories, one could spot platform sandals, clutches, bracelets, necklaces, and belts that add a chic and luxurious vibe to the collection.

When speaking about Elie Saab, it’s impossible no to think of maximum elegance and refinement. His unique creations with flawless and clean cuts enhance the sensuality of those wearing them. The spring/summer 2011 Elie Saab collection comes with stunning dresses that boost self-confidence revealing the sexy and beautiful side of a woman. From statuesque long sequined dresses to amazing elegant jumpsuits, one cannot resist to these fairytale-like looks.

Next season will certainly be a glamorous one. The femininity of the Elie Saab dresses and the romantic feeling added through different small details, by the colors chosen or the fabrics used make the spring/summer 2011 collection a perfect one. Both luxurious and bohemian, the breezy long lace dresses with soft bows and floral embroideries are absolutely amazing. They are the most suitable reflection of absolute innocence and sensitiveness, yet exuding sensuality in a special way. If you want something more office-appropriate, the elegant suits with blazers and carrot or flared pants represent the right source of inspiration.

Elie Saab’s collection is synonymous with breathtaking elegance and an adorable, romantic, yet sensual touch. A column dress is that item considered as being the right one in order to make a woman feel incredibly hot and sexy. One can easily say that despite their apparent simplicity, his creations hide the passion for details and a feeling of perfectionism. Due to the soft fabrics used and the sweet colors, this collection manages to conquer everyone through its romantic, feminine approach. Well-defined waists, sexy slits and decolletes show the most beautiful shapes of a woman.

The Elie Saab spring/summer 2011 collection is every woman’s dream. A compilation of gorgeous, fluid, sensual and glamorous dresses that emphasize the romantic theme of the show, ladylike, elegant dresses, suitable for a day at the office, sequined cocktail short dresses worn with jackets, and sexy shorts, which only make you think of a hot summer night. A myriad of masterpieces in a fashion show that will conquer you forever.

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