Elie Saab created his fashion label at only 18 years old creating evening and wedding gowns in the same special and elegant style we are used to. Along the years, the Lebanese designer kept the feminine elements and his amazing and unique collections have proved that fashion design can really be considered as an art.

At Paris Fashion Week, the Elie Saab collection shined through its colors and fabrics used. Dark, refined details, a dominant black and the preciosity of the outfits were the top elements proposed by the designer. Besides black, burgundy, teal and midnight blue and green were the shades that attracted everyone’s attention.

Evening dresses

Simple and flowing dresses made from light chiffon, low-cut, or more sober with long sleeves that slims even more the silhouette. The splits reveal a bare leg in a sensual and elegant way. Another part of the collection is made of embroidered dresses, using sequins and gems in a modern and stylish way, rather than a flashy one. These dresses don’t necessary need accessories as they are themselves precious creations.

Little black dress

The timeless little black dress represents the main, center piece of the collection. The classic dress, below the knee, is made from flowing fabrics with lace and chiffon embroideries. Like we are used to, the silhouette is well-defined, the lines are perfect emphasizing femininity of confident and refined women.

Woman’s suits

Suits made from beautiful cropped blazers and straight-cut skirts or slim pants. Other feminine and sexy items were a tight-fitting lace jumpsuit, shorts accentuating the beauty of the legs, teamed with puffed sleeved lace blouses.


All these astonishing creations weren’t over-accessorized. There could be seen black necklaces, pearl and gem bracelets, leather gloves, fur collars and stoles for colder days. Every outfit was completed by strapped shoes and ankle boots.

Photos via style.com