There are various methods to find your signature style, whether you would like to dress in a unique way or would rather rely on the refined skills of celebrities and models. All these tips come down to one thing namely to learn some of the time-tested ways to stay tru to your personality and not to limit yourself to a restrained attitude. Instead why not go through all the important style movements to find the one that would suit your preferences. In this case you might also need professional advice in order to envision your own style fantasy and dress like a model fashion tips. These girls have the necessary background to look stunning as well as choose their trademark accessories and clothing items that would still make them one-of-a-kind and voguish. These are some of the guidelines and model secret weapons to keep in mind in your quest for a statement appearance.

Recycle Clothes

Nothing can stop you from keeping your old time favorite clothes this time. In fact one of the most important buzzword among models is ‘recycle’. You might never know the next move of great designers, in cases some might lose the chance to stay versed with fashion as the market might have ran out of the various style pieces and it’s time to re-purchase them. Instead make sure you preserve the must have style item of various years as these might get back into the groove in the blink of an eye.

Moreover there’s no need to let them spoil or distress with time. Instead you can find a different function and role as well as look for them. All you have to do is use your creativity and styling as well as sewing skills and transform your clothes. DIY techniques are also popular among models who are keen to flash their own style operas especially when being off duty. The extreme and apparently outdated items can be further jazzed up with the help of accessories. Jeans, leather jackets and leggings as well as shirts and shoes should stay safe in your groovy wardrobe waiting to breathe life into them.

Jessica StamLily DonaldsonIman ChanelDaria Werbowy

Oversized Accessories

It’s not a novelty for models to appeal to accessories in order to crown your appearance. This is valid both for the red carpet looks as well as casual wear. Whether you do it with your shoes, bags or jewelry oversized accessories are the real thing of the future style tendencies. Therefore you should not hide them in your drawers instead expose them for public praise each time you have the chance to do it. Statement jewelry as huge cuffs and necklaces all would attract immediate attention and are perfect for all body shapes and heights.

All you have to do is to think on synchronizing shapes and angles. Giant rings are also some of the beloved pieces that can be paired with various looks regardless of the event as well as season. What could be a more convincing proof of the popularity of this trend than the fact that designers re-invent the bold jewelry and accessories to make them top notch elements of our wardrobe each season in a row.

Freja Beha and Lily DonaldsonNatasha Poly

Style Experiment

If you take a glimpse at the style icon models of our times as well as the past decades you’ll notice that all of them are keen to explore their own style sense though adopting something of various fashion movements. Some of them wobble between the extremes of feminine and Punk, as well as masculine and Grunge looks. All these would mirror their desire to experiment.

Be confident and do the same way, neon or neutral, Boho, cosmopolitan, classy or alternative the key is to have at least one signature trait that would rise you above the crowd in your utmost beauty. A simple accessory as a scarf or a bracelet as well as complete outfit would be able to help you stand out from the row and be unique.

Accessories Above All

It is again vital to change your style view when heading towards achieving your trademark looks. ‘Accessories above all’ should be your calling therefore all you have to do is to look at them as the basis of your outfit rather than considering basic clothing items the foundation of a blunder-proof outfit. The various jewelries as well as bags, shoes and belts have the magical powder to turn your fad clothes into fab creations. All you have to do is play with them by sporting your favorite design creatively. Add a scarf to your handbag, splatter paint your shoes if necessary, wear your necklace on your wrist. These are only some of the great alternatives to challenge your skills.