Donna Karan is one of the high street designers who envisioned collections often mentioned as the best source of inspiration for those who wish to build up a functional and at the same time glam wardrobe. Setting as her main scope the creation of a set of universally flattering and hyper-chic designs, she won the heart of all fashionistas.

This season we have the privilege to drop a glimpse at the Donna Karan Modern Icons spring 2011 collection which will definitely tame our cravings for sandy and pastel shades. Creamy tones, sandy and camel shades dominate the complete lineup of flirty apparel parade. Those who are in the midst of a quest for romance in a more remote and desert-style place will have the chance to sport the mesmerizing attires.

The fabric use and color selection all strengthen the ultimate trendsetter reputation of Donna Karan. She is keen to show us how muted colors paired with the timeless designs will create an alluring and heart-warming impression. Classic meets urbane chic refinement in this fab collection. As the name denotes, the fashion armada is provided with a complete repertoire of multi-tasker clothing items. From the stylish LBD to the pencil skirt and the hyper-feminine shirt jacket, all will serve as the best fashion items to build your wardrobe around. In search of a tint of sparkling vibe, you’ll have here the Ombre Stretch Sequins Twisted Tube Dress. Could you wish for a more visionary and at the same time super-neat design to highlight your curvy silhouette?

Taffeta and chiffon are used as the key fabrics to enhance the skirt designs and shirts with a streamlined silhouette. Donna Karan managed to arm up her spring 2011 collection with sophistication and a ‘je ne sais quoi’ and effortless chic groove. Special events scream for a breathtaking apparel. Why would you deprive yourself from a red-carpet-worth look that guarantees the standing ovation paid to your glam appearance? Opt for the stylish printed umbrella skirt or the Jersey Infinity Dress drenched in a classy black shade to experiment with a more refined and no fuss formal outfit idea.

These super-dainty apparel ideas will help all style fans nail down the transition from day to night wear. Turn your curves into statement accessories by preserving the high class aura of your appearance. There’s no need to go for bold twists to make sure you stand out from the crowd. Instead, master the art of building up a wardrobe that will not leave you with any style dilemmas. With her Modern Icons collection as well as the other capsules, Donna Karan is the ultimate pioneer to furnish the fashion pack with outfit elements that act like real chameleons and adapt to all body shapes and personalities.

Image courtesy of Donna Karan