With summer slowly coming to an end, planning our wardrobe for the next season becomes imperative. The most well known fashion brands always set the tone in terms of mainstream style trends, so taking time to analyze these creations is essential for everyone interested in the hottest looks of the season. The Dolce & Gabbana fall 2011 lookbook can certainly be a good guide from this perspective as it features several noteworthy style tendencies with the potential to become wardrobe must-haves.

Combining elegance and pragmatism, the brand offers a myriad of interesting style alternatives for a variety of occasions. Long dresses are an important part of the lookbook, which means that helping women enhance their femininity is a top goal for the brand. Lace details, animal, star and other more eclectic prints are just some of the appealing options the brand offers to those who are not willing to give up color and femininity in the next season.

Long or knee length, dresses are highly emphasized in the latest Dolce&Gabbana lookbook as they have the power to create a polished outfit instantly and, depending on the fabric or color palette, can be a versatile option for several occasions. A high emphasis is also placed on highlighting the waist in order to create a focal point and the much coveted hourglass shape. Other elegant, yet sexy options such as deux piece suits are also available as style inspiration for early autumn days.

Transitioning towards more functional attire, we cannot help but notice the preference for black and white ensembles combined with functional and versatile accessories. Classy ensembles with a slight masculine touch never fail to impress through their simplicity and their amazing power to create a polished look almost without effort. Moreover, the endless variety of mixing and matching opportunities makes these pieces wonderful style investments for years to come.

If spicing up your casual outfits is one of your top concerns, this fall you’re lucky as the luxury brand is more than generous with the style options within this category. Stripes, shorts and legging combos, fur insertions and a multitude of leather based pieces are some of the items that can spark your interest in this category. Here is where you will be able to find a multitude of style alternative for every casual style comfort zone.

With so many clever combos, classy designs and fashion trend alternatives for the season, the possibilities are extremely varied and interesting, so there’s a lot of style potential waiting to be used. Select the trends that appeal to you the most and focus on creating interesting and versatile outfits with them and you’ll never fail to impress during the upcoming season.

Photo courtesy of Dolce&Gabbana