“Diksi” is in fact an abbreviation of “di que si” which is Spanish for “say yes.” Well, the connection between this “yes” and fashion and style is so beautiful, since the message that the brand tries to convey is to make us realize how important is to “say yes” to life, style, but also to be bold and have the courage to be different and always move on.

The brand that was created in 2007 has one special slogan, “created with love”, and there is no doubt that every item and accessory in their collection is a palpable proof of this slogan. As the team says, speaking about the brand, which was “created and designed with the same love and care put into the age-old recipes made by our grandmothers; the patience and calmness with which a craftsman gives shape to a porcelain figure; and with the pleasure and delight experienced when having a bubble bath.”

Diksi spring/summer 2011 lookbook has something of an old diary that with every page opens a door into a peaceful and magic world, where flowers, hearts and bows are everywhere. Bohemian and flirty, the latest collection brightens up our gloomy winter wardrobe.

Delicate, romantic, yet feminine and coquettish are the best words one can use when taking a glimpse to the spring/summer 2011 Diksi lookbook. Light pastels, playful dots and hearts, romantic floral prints, and other extremely lovely details bring that optimistic vibe that best characterizes the brand.

The collection has an array of amazing, unique wearable clothing items and accessories which are versatile and practical for every occasion. All those girly dresses and skirts, or the romantic blouses are perfectly completed by uber-feminine, yet playful accessories, while the landscape says more than a thousand words. This is one of those things able to leave you speechless.

Photos courtesy of Diksi