Shopping is a great way to spice up your wardrobe with some fabulous acquisitions. For many women shopping is only a necessity, while for others it is a perfect way to cheer up or forget about everyday problems. The majority of people shop because they want to purchase some items of the latest fashion in order to look good and feel confident in every situation.

Another category is that of those shoppers, who spend a fortune in order to feel satisfied. However, if you don’t pay a little attention, you might end up with an empty wallet and dozens of unnecessary items in your wardrobe. The following list of the most common shopping mistakes to avoid will help you to have more effective and productive shopping trips and save a lot of money.

Bad Fit

Properly fitting clothes are key to look stylish and elegant. Ill-fitting clothes that hang on your or items that are too tight, look unflattering on you and give the impression of bad fashion sense. In order to avoid buying clothes that aren’t fitting well on you, make sure you try on two different sizes in the department store. When it comes to the size of clothes, never make compromises, so that you can choose the best fit and tailoring for your individual body type.


Beige is amongst those neutral shades that generally aren’t working well for the majority of skin tones and hair colors. Beige can make you look pale and washed-out and accentuates the imperfections on your face, such as the red spots or dark circles around your eyes. Opt instead for brighter, more flattering colors that highlights your features and brighten up your entire look.

Shopping Urge

If you feel that you would spend the whole day in the department stores, the best thing you can do is make a list of the things you have to buy. Stick to your list and shop only for those items that you came for. This simple thing will help you to save a lot of time and money. Thinking before buying a new item will help you to find the best deals and to become a smart shopper as well.

Focusing Only on the Latest Trends

Another major mistake women tend to commit while shopping is investing a lot of money on the trendiest items of the actual season. Fashion trends are constantly changing and they have only a short life. Besides these chic seasonal items, opt for some staple pieces as well, which can be mixed and matched with many different clothes in order to create stylish outfits for every occasion. A pair of simple straight cut jeans, a classic black dress and a sophisticated white silk shirt are excellent choices for every woman’s wardrobe.

Shopping for Shoes First

When you plan to buy shoes make sure you leave it to the end of your shopping trip. Buying them right at the beginning is not the best choice, since you may not select the proper size. Generally your foot swells a little bit after wearing your shoes for a few hours. Therefore, when you are to purchase a new pair of shoes, always pay attention to right timing.

As you can see, shopping can be a great way to add some pizzazz to your style and have fun while looking for the perfect clothes. However, it may also cause havoc, when you end up with ill-fitting, unnecessary items. Follow our tips and learn how to become a smart shopper, to make the best deals and shop without regrets.