Closed spring/summer 2011 collection is a perfect example of style on an everyday basis. Because being fashionable and stylish doesn’t mean ditching comfort, Closed has joined forces to unite these characteristics and transposed them into their fabulous spring/summer 2011 fashion collection. The collection features fabulous denim outfits, created for the needs and demands of women who love to combine style with comfort. Denim has been a huge part of the fashion scene for decades now and this has boosted the fabric’s popularity sky high, being a must have regardless of age.

The Closed spring/summer 2011 collection has a hint of vintage flair with lots of ’70s inspired pieces. During the 70’s denim was increasing in popularity and a variety of cool denim designs have been developed, styles which have made a great comeback in the spring/summer 2011 fashion scene.

The collection focuses on the upcoming fashion trends and so managed to capture their essence, transposing it into their amazing collection. The washes chosen enter the pastel palette as well as the beige and browns category. This means variety in color is brought, so one can play around with a variety of popular denim shades which will take your outfit out of the boring zone.

It is absolutely amazing how much versatility a single fabric can bring and this is clearly underlined by Closed’s fashion team through different designs. Each piece is designed with care so one can benefit from style, freshness and comfort at the same time. From dresses to bell bottoms and skinny jeans, the designs pose as a great and fresh way to begin and end your summer.

The denim dresses have a very feminine look underlined through the shirt style design. On the opposite pole you have the cool looking boyfriend style jeans and overalls which bring a bit of masculinity to the table. Cute rompers and jumpsuits are too available and they are definitely a perfect choice for women with a fabulous body. The design allows the pieces to give the body a boost of comfort, through the loose cuts.

The denim trousers vary widely in style from bell bottoms, to skinny and capri so one can select the perfect trouser depending on personality on body type. These pants can be worn with simple tees or denim shirts, the look received being highly popular and laid back but filled with style.

Closed is underlining the high qualities and style of denim, qualities which helped this fabric maintain a top position in fashion, so make sure denim doesn’t miss from your stylish spring/summer wardrobe.

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