The Christian Dior Fall 2010 RTW collection was one of the most interesting and awaited events in the fashion industry being extremely impressive in terms of glamor, classicism, femininity and modernism at the same time. The entire collection was a veritable lesson of excellence in terms of style, being one of the best sources of inspiration for the latest fashion trends.

Refinement, elegance, originality and a variety innovative designs are the minimum requirements a collection should have to meet the public's expectations. However, for the brilliant designer John Galliano, simply meeting the public's expectations is a goal that has always been too modest.

Instead, he manages to go beyond what everyone expects and to raise the standards when it comes to style higher and higher with every collection. This is certainly the case for the Fall 2010 RTW collection where he manged to redefine femininity and glamor and to present it through a new and fresh perspective.

For the Christian Fall 2010 RTW collection, the designer drew inspiration from the refinement and classic elegance that defined the French society in the past, keeping some of the main characteristics of those times while also adding different accents that make the outfits presented more modern according to his vision. An interesting aspect of the collection is the equestrian accent that could be noticed for a variety of outfits through stylish and elegant hats that brought a vintage vibe to the entire collection.

The fabrics used for the collection were one of the aspects that contributed the most to the refinement and glamor of the collection. Airy flowing fabrics were combined with leather accents as well as fairly discreet fur insertions to create a feminine, elegant yet powerful impression. The sheer fabrics used contribute to the sexiness of the outfits especially when combined with leather accents, providing a perfect equilibrium between delicacy and boldness.

When it comes to the latest fashion trends, the influences that tend to stand out are the over the knee boots and the lace fashion trend. Ruffles and knitwear could also be seen sparingly throughout the line.
In terms of color, the designer seems to subscribe to the idea that red hues are some of the hottest colors of the season. When used on outfits, red hues made the clothes stand out while red colored accessories were the perfect element that made classic outfits look stylish and modern.

While the clothes are not impressive in terms of color because strong, vibrant hues were left aside and more subtle, subdued colors were used. This was generally considered as one of the strong points of the collection due to the fact that the outfits presented seem to be more versatile and wearable as a result.

All in all the Christian Dior Fall 2010 RTW collection was definitely one of the lines that will become a strong point of reference both in terms of the latest fashion trends as well as the most appropriate combinations that can be made in order to create classy and refined outfits for the season.
The outfits shown are definitely wearable being easily adaptable to a variety of occasions where sophistication is the leading word. John Galliano managed once again to prove that his influence in the fashion industry is undeniably strong and that his creative artistic skills intensify more and more as the time passes by.

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