How do you know when a color brings the best out of you or it makes you look older or younger? Here’s a basic rule: whenever going shopping put the blouse under your chin and look in the mirror. Avoid neon lamps and try to see yourself at daylight. This is compulsory!

Buy it, if:

At a first glance the color doesn’t shock you.

That color brightens up your features.

It points out your eyes or another important aspect of our face.

Don’t buy it, if:

It makes your skin look dull.

Emphasizes your wrinkles.[/item

Makes you look fatter.

Gives you a tired look.

Points out things that you don’t find very attractive, such as double chin or bad skin.

Ask your friend for a piece of advice and never ask the saleswoman. If a color doesn’t suit you, even if you adore it, don’t panic! You can still wear it in different combinations and accessorize it properly.

What type of color season are you?

What type of color season are you?

Color analysts say that every season represents the result of a combination of the three traditional primary colors – red, yellow and blue – as they appear in the undertones of the skin.

Every person’s skin color has strong elements of red. The undertone, which will be either blue or yellow, is the one determining the person’s color category, or season. Find out which colors belong to your season and it will be much easier to create a wardrobe.


Spring is one of the “warm” palettes, so a person who is “spring” should wear colors that have yellow undertones. Springs should wear bright, fresh colors and stay away from dark ones.

You have:

dark brown hair with golden hues, slightly red, chestnut or light chestnut[/item

pink beige, peach, porcelain, creamy ivory or a rather golden complexion and you tan quickly

green, hazel or blue eyes

or you are multiracial with bright eyes

You should wear warm colors like brown, bright yellow, golden, ivory, dark blue, turquoise, orange, or pastels such as anise green, pastel blue.

Forget about navy blue, black or white .


As summer is one of the “cool” palettes, a person who is summer should wear colors that have blue undertones. Summers should wear clothing that has a soft tone to it or cool, muted colors.

You have:

blonde hair

fair skin

blue or green eyes

Your colors are relatively soft and less intense, like raspberry, bluish red, plum, lemon, and also neutral shades like blue-green, royal blue, gray.

Forget about orange tones.


Falls look good in warm tones. Think of the autumn season colors in nature.

You have:

brown, dark brown, chestnut, red or copper colored hair


dark brown, olive, golden brown or warm beige skin tone

brown, amber, hazel or green eyes

Your colors are in warm tones, like petrol blue, pepper, vermilion, bronze, caramel, salmon, green khaki.

Forget about navy blue and pink.


Winters colors are pure or jewel-toned.

You have:

black, brown or dark brown hair

porcelain skin, or on the contrary very matte or dark

brown black, chestnut, gray, blue or green eyes

Your colors are flashy tones like fuchsia pink, bright yellow, dark blue, orange. Otherwise, you can also choose violet, or the non-colors, like true white or black.

Forget about gray, brown or beige.