Thanks to the strong influence and resistance of various style pieces we have the privilege to enjoy the pleasure to sport trans-seasonal trends. The underwear as outerwear style wave is one one of these tendencies. Some might be mesmerized by the impression it makes on the public still have fears and doubts about mastering it. There’s nothing indecent as well as careless in sporting these classy lingerie designs on the street if you are aware of the basic principles that can determine the success and outcome of your look. Finding the right way to rock the chic lingerie pieces for street wear might require a refined style sense, however if you stay on the right track with the tricks and tips below you would definitely achieve your goal of looking fabulous and up-to-date.

Stylish Bras

Indeed you might have to go for a stylish shopping spree to purchase all the bra styles and designs that can be sported on the street as these might not be the traditional pieces you wear under your clothes. Instead think of them as basic outfit pieces, therefore consider color as well as prints and even tailoring. These basic features would help you narrow down the infinite selection of lingerie from your local store. Special and unique designs when sported under a low-neck top or a sheer blouse would make you feel both confident as well as voguish. The thin as well as thick straps would furnish you with the proper support as well as means to brighten up your look. Flash some skin still keep your look age-appropriate this is not important to act like Lolita and still adopt the latest underwear as outerwear trend in your casual chic outfits.


You just can’t toss jumpsuits from the top rank position of the must have lingerie pieces during the past decades. These universal designs though used in the past as lingerie turned into daywear elements that can be easily embedded into a formal as well as laid-back apparel. All you have to do is spot the right tailoring as well as fabric and last but not least color composition that would do miracles with your look. Both when sporting these paired with stylish shorts as well as masked and flaunted under layers of tops offering only a subtle hint of your stylish underwear, the result in all cases will be drop-dead-gorgeous indeed. Skirts and skinny jeans as well as shorts look fabulous in the same composition with bodysuits. Steal the style tricks of celebrities to look fabulous.


Boudoir chic is one of the leading style movements of the past years, therefore those who claim their style-consciousness will definitively find it a worth-trying challenge to build up their underwear as outerwear apparel with the help of the chic lingerie pieces. Bustiers are also well-known underwear designs that managed to acquire a brand new role in fashion and are used in order to shift the attention to the upper body as well as play up the decolletage and bring out the best of the waist area.

Choose bustiers for the boiling summer days and pair them with stylish skirts as well as wide-legged pants and even shorts. All you have to do is find either the classy or the edgy look that would mirror your sophisticated and pro fashion taste.


You could also find Camis in the fashion collections of great designers as one of the A-list style pieces that would set the perfect basis for the casual or more formal chic outfit. Indeed camisoles can be purchased in their wearable and street chic version, however if you would like to make your outfit more memorable and unique look for the ones that are sold as lingerie. This way you’ll be able to turn your outfit into a real masterpiece guided by latest and revolutionary style trends. These universal pieces would serve your best both during the various seasons both when you sport them in their sole beauty or paired with cardigans and stylish jackets.

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