The denim trend is undoubtedly a fashion trend with a never ending staying power. Although designers endorse it every year, adapting it on a daily basis and making it look interesting can be quite a challenge. Fortunately Charley 5.0 is a brand that focuses on helping its clients to stand out in denim outfits no matter what they choose.

The brand’s goal to stand out from other denim brands is clearly noticeable thanks to the light approach with which the lookbook is taken. Highlighting one of the absolute favorite summer pastimes, the brand features several intelligently constructed outfits for a casual style with a touch of glamor that looks virtually effortless. Youthful and girly, the looks presented are easy to pull off and extremely wearable.

Bright colors, fun accessories and a daring, yet extremely playful attitude, are the main things that make this lookbook stand out from others of the kind. Focused on cleverly combining colors and featuring a few prints along the way, the looks presented manage to demonstrate that mixing and matching different styles does not have to be complicated at all to be interesting.

Although most of the looks are pretty casual and fun, the lookbook also highlights different options for less casual events with the same simple tried and tested style rules. Making the denim on denim look work is not a difficult challenge for the brand, as it manages to create interest and suceeds in combining different denim washes, making it stand out with the help of color contrast or by playing it up with the help of funky, colorful accessories.

Versatile and fun, the collection features various pieces that can be adapted to multiple outfits. Shorts, skirts, dresses and even jackets are used to feature some of the latest trends endorsed by the brand. Animal prints is a fashion trend that is also discreetly introduced by the brand in the form of accessories or cardigans. Sunglasses and high heeled pumps are the preferred choices in order to create a sexy and slightly mysterious look.

Make sure to glam up your outfits by choosing versatile and interesting pieces that highlight your personality and choose equally interesting accessories in order to complete the look. Invest in high quality denim pieces and gain inspiration from the Charley spring 2011 lookbook to be able to stand out.

Photo courtesy of Charley 5.0