Who would have guessed that ladies will swap their skinny jeans for a pair of loose and baggy pants? No one I’m sure, however, it seems that wearing your boyfriend’s pants is more ‘IN’ than ever.

Unfortunately the intention is not enough, you have to know how to wear it. The following tips will help you pull off boyfriend jeans.

Inspiration is always good, look at celebrities and models who succeeded to make these pants really chic. Look for the accessories and matching to see what would complete a similar outfit. Use your imagination to create new and unique looks.

Remember the pants look slouchy that’s why you have to balance the overall appearance if you want to look stylish. Be creative and roll up the bottom. You’ll look young and boho, the cuffs should reach right above the ankles. To make it more casual roll it twice or three times.

It is a summer trend so don’t be afraid of showing some skin. There are several types of boyfriend jeans for every figure, so always try them on to see whether these fit your body type.

Pair boyfriend jeans with fitting tops, tees to look more feminine. Tight tops and long-sleeved tees would make you look extremely up to date with the latest trends.However you can decide to go with a masculine style, then you can wear button-down shirts.

To stick to your femininity emphasize your waist with a belt. You can also layer your tops, wear a simple tank top with a vest. The combo will be simple, yet very chic.

Boyfriend jeans must be loose on the hips, that’s why it is almost essential to accessorize it with a belt. Show those hips and opt for classic vintage belts. Play with different sizes, however when it comes of color, stick to darker ones.

The advantage of this piece is that it fits all body types, from athletic to curvaceous figures. The key is to don’t lose your feminine side. This can be easily enhanced with stylish accessories.

Whether you wear pumps or flats the point is to match with the overall image. If you choose comfort over looks, pair your pants with ballet flats or gladiator sandals or even flip flops. It depends on your taste, rolled bottoms will help you in showing sexy ankles and stylish footwear.