If you are looking for a style investment to perk up your wardrobe for the fall, a fashionable cape coat might be the perfect answer. This trend has been seen in various famous and much awaited collections at Chloe, Celine, Alexander Wang, Alberta Ferretti, Yves Saint Laurent or Jaeger London.

Invented in the19th century cape coats have come in and out of fashion for a long time now, although they rarely become a mainstream fashion trend. These coats are definitely a good way to break out the routine and create a different outfit while also being a practical and comfortable choice for the cool season. If worn in the right way, cape coats can help create a classic and romantic look that also have a subtle playful touch in it.

In order to look your best you must make sure that you choose the right cut as well as the right colors that will match your skin tone and that will allow you create interesting outfits. If you are thinking about purchasing a cape coat you should make sure that you are comfortable with adding volume in the upper part of body. Because you will be creating a lot of volume in the upper part of the body you will need to balance out the lower part by wearing tight fitting pants, narrow skirts, leggins or skinny jeans. If you normally shy away from this type of clothing items then you should probably reconsider the decision to purchase this type of coat.

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Considering your body shape is a key element for looking your best. It is possible to get away with wearing a cape coat even if your body shape might not recommend you as the best candidate for this coat style if you know what structure and textures best suit you. Pear shaped women who are eager to create the right structure for their body type should look for a cape coat with a belt to create the illusion of a hourglass body shape.

For those who want to de-emphasize a large bust the best choice is to make sure that thy choose a fitted capes instead of flowing ones that add a lot of unnecessary bulkiness around that area. Short women should be careful about not making choices that will cut length even more. That’s why it is recommended to pair the cape coats with short skirts or shorts with tights.

While the runway looks can be a wonderful inspiration when it comes to how various trends can be adapted to the everyday life looks it often feels like when we want to decide what to wear we are always a little confused when it comes to what are the best choices for flattering, cute outfits. The cape coat can be a very versatile item that can be used to create a variety of different looks.

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For a casual look pairing the coat a cute top, skinny jeans and knee high boots can be a good choice. On the other hand if you are preparing for a romantic date and you want an extra touch of glamor you will be better off choosing a flirty baby doll dress and focus on choosing accessories that favor your silhouette and allow you to look stylish and elegant by allowing you to reveal just how much you need to keep thing interesting.

If you are not planning to use the cape coat as an integrating part of many of your outfits you can still add a touch of glamor to the evening wear. If you generally appreciate classic elegance and prefer conservative yet stylish you might find that a cape coat can serve you well and make you stand out in a positive way. If you pay attention to the structure and the fabric from which the coat is made from you will be to choose a stylish and versatile coat that will exude sexiness and style on a daily basis.

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