Leave your mono-colored and lifeless look at home and step into the high street wonderland created by Calla Hayes. The infinite print palette paired with candy hues will make up the universal recipe to win the heart of all lady-like chic junk fashionistas. The Paris-based designer behind the style brand, Calla collaborated with some of the most impressive trendsetters of the moment as Jeremy Laing and Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook is another expression of the style vision created by this talented designer. Those who are keen to explore the field of flirty textures and eye-popping prints decorating outfits covered with a candy-colored armor will have the privilege to skim through the gorgeous selection of apparel ideas included in this fab Lookbook.


The professionally inspired and dainty outfits radiate effortless elegance and a classy refinement. The body-conscious still high class dresses together with the cute minis paired with a silky shirt manage to provide us with a wear-anywhere apparel idea. Check out the abstract print cavalcade decorating the trendiest dresses, enhancing the neat tailoring with an extra glam factor. The main aim of Calla Hayes was indeed to create a collection that allows all ladies to sport a super-sophisticated apparel, still feel pretty relaxed and comfy while wearing it. Without a doubt, this is the experience we’re all looking for, therefore the unique designs of the Lookbook will definitely serve as the main source of inspiration to build up a show-stopping warm season wardrobe.

In spite of the camouflaging classy designs we can still sense a tint of foxy sex-appeal emanated by the use of body-conscious and skin-tight dresses that melt into the streamlined silhouette of the complete ensemble. If you’re pretty shy, still wish to bring out the most of your figure and best assets, use these outfit inspirations to achieve the wow effect you were longing for. Repeatedly let prints speak for your style-awareness and skip sporting simple and too low key looks as these might do more harm than good to your style bunny reputation. Experiment with these outfits if you’re preparing for a special event, where first impression counts. Pair your feminine curves with the skin-stroking and flowy fabrics and adopt the right attitude to turn yourself into the top attraction of the party or meeting.

Image courtesy of Calla