Designers crowned the trench and classy lady-like fashion as the ultimate trend of the moment. Therefore, it’s high time to expand your source of inspiration for hottest warm season apparel ideas with the Burberry Blue Label Spring/Summer 2011 lookbook.

This beloved style brand is famous of its fondness for neat tailoring patterns. Select your favorite style items and fuse them into a versatile and age-appropriate look. In spite of the absence of bright and bold colors, designers at this fashion house still managed to dig out the most of a limited and all event-appropriate hue palette. Take a peek at the most stylish outfits that allow you to pull off a fail-safe apparel that suits your figure.

The complete SS 2011 collection is drenched in a school-girl allure. Plaid and denim dresses will help you highlight your dainty side that loves refinement and versatility. Nail down a more alternative and surprising outfit combination by matching your lovely dresses and ruffled skirts with a classy motorcycle jacket. The result of your makeover will be sight-pampering.

Finding the most voguish cover-up for the blooming season days is your trendsetter duty. The Burberry fashion house is one of the ardent fans of tweed jackets and trench coats. These look gorgeous when paired with a casual chic or school girl apparel. Take full advantage of the old time classy groove these fabulous wardrobe staples will give your appearance. Learn how to mix/match different shades and add a unique and modern twist to your outfits. Accessories come in a large variety in order to help you rock out the most versatile outfit ideas. Dapper hats, handbags and the cutest platforms and wedges are included in the Burberry Blue Label warm season collection. Have these style tools at hand to give a quick fix to your apparel.

Image courtesy of Burberry Blue Label