When it’s hot outside all you need to do is slip on a nice, flirty and loose dress and you are all set. Dresses are great to wear, they are very feminine and you can dress sporty wearing a sporty dress or you can be elegant wearing a vaporous dress. Here are some dresses that will definitely make everyone around you admire your body:

Floral and print dresses Print dresses are great and they can be worn casually or at formal occasions. For a more casual look you can wear an over or above knee length print dress with a pair of flip flops, gladiator sandals or a pair of platform shoes.

floral print dress

Striped dresses They are great and very popular dresses. Vertical striped dresses can make you appear slimmer. The stripes can give a modern or a retro look. The color pallet is very diverse so you can find striped dresses in two or more soft or bright colors.

striped dresses

Uni color summer dresses Sometimes simple doesn’t mean boring. These type of dresses are really easy to wear. You can accessorize them with belts or cardigans. You can choose from a variety of colors: white, yellow, pink, green, fuchsia, red, blue, etc.

one color day dress

Maxi dresses They are very popular this season. Maxi dresses are very comfortable because they are loose around the body. They flatter all body shapes and they are great for maternity wear as well. These type of dresses will give emphasize your femininity while still making you feel comfortable.

maxi dresses

Accessorize your dresses to make them more personalized and you will look adorable and stylish even wearing casual clothes.