Femininity, sophistication, elegance and variety are just some of the characteristics that can be attributed to Boudicca's latest collection called Fragmented Dreams. Admire the latest creations and get inspired by the elegant modern looks suggested by the brand.

The cold days are a perfect opportunity to prepare in advance for the spring season and gather a few style resolution you might want to accomplish. If boosting femininity and experimenting with more modern and fashionable looks happens to be among your desires for the upcoming season then the Boudicca Fragmented Dreams collection will undoubtedly prove to be a worthwhile source of inspiration.

Focused on creating versatile pieces that immediately raise the bar in terms of elegance and refinement the looks created by the British designers are artistically presented in the moving lookbook, which adds interest and originality to the collection.

The color palette tends to be somewhat modest as the looks are focused around a few basic colors such as black, blue, white and gray. Even though some of the styles presented tend to have a sense of sobriety attached to them, the feminine details as well as the prints used manage to alter this impression in the blink of an eye. Moreover the eye catching contrast created between the geometrical structures and the feminine details used add a touch of uniqueness to the collection.

The 'Fragmented Dreams' collection is focused around various newest fashion trends such as floral and animal prints, ruffles, subtle lace details, wide leg pants or oversized sleeves as well as airy, free flowing fabrics that can be easily mixed and to create outfits for different occasions. Dresses are kept mostly above the knee length and are often emphasized around the wait area with belts.

Although elegant, the dresses tend to have a casual feeling attached to them, being seductive and alluring at the same time. Contrasting yet with an eclectic feeling attached to them the looks tend to appeal to a great variety of tastes and preferences being suitable for women with different personalities and fashion styles. Exploring different sides of a woman's personality the collection is well suited truly lives up to its name.

A rather atypical fact that can be noticed throughout the lookbook is the fact that comfort is not entirely sacrificed in favor of elegance in most circumstances. Accessorized with Oxfords or wedge boots, outfits offer valuable insights for those who are willing to add a touch of elegance yet are convinced that comfort along with practicality is the price that must be payed for this choice.

Browse through the various style suggestions displayed and pick the choices that most reflect your sense of style. Explore several style options to be able to expand your vision and broaden your fashion perspective and you are guaranteed to look fabulous every single time.

Photo courtesy of frag-dream.platform13.com