Urban chic fashion collections are perfect for women who want to adopt a stylish and comfortable look, so if you wish to get inspired take a glimpse at the fabulously stylish collection signed Bodkin!

Even though relatively new in the fashion industry, Bodkin has managed to pleasantly surprise with a lovely fashion collection for the spring summer 2011 season, a collection which differentiates itself from other collections through the fabrics used to support sustainability. Eviana Heartman, the founder of the Bodkin brand has based her new brand standards on being supportive of the environment so one will not only benefit from a stylish outfit but an outfit which lasts longer and which is “greener” as well.

The Bodkin spring/summer 2011 fashion collection has a very urban-chic look which suits the new trends but which will enable you to wear these stylish clothes for seasons in a row also. The ecological textiles used to create these stylish outfits are supposed to ensure the environment doesn't suffer any damages and this is what sustainability is trying to promote.

The fabrics used are carefully selected and this ensures a high quality result which will not have a negative impact over the environment. Bodkin tries to use certified organic cotton and other fabrics which are renewable (they regenerate). The dyes used to give the lovely coloration of the fabrics are vegetable based as chemical based dyes can be harmful for the environment. However it is quite difficult if not impossible to create a perfectly eco-friendly fashion collection but trying to be as green as possible is definitely a positive thing. Bodkin doesn't not claim to be eco-friendly but it's definitely trying to get close.

The designs featured in the collection look amazingly stylish; the casual chic design of the outfits allows women to look dazzling all day long. The uber-stylish yet simple designs are carefully thought so that they will be able to be worn for longer.

The outfits have a very casual, stylish and comfortable look, which mean they are perfect for casual occasions in which you want to attract attention. The looser style of the designs allow your skin to breath and feel more comfortable especially on those hot summer days.

From stylish jumpsuits to lovely dresses, shorts, pants and blouses, all the Bodkin fashion items look stunning and can be a perfect option for the urban chic woman who loves fashion and who wants to adopt a stylish “clean” look.
Pay attention to details and try to make a difference through your fashion style for the environment as well by turning towards stylish “greener” outfits such as the ones Bodkin is trying to promote!

Photos courtesy of bodkin.us