Black and white are definitely two of the most popular colors found in fashion as they are never absent from the runway fashion presentations. The black and white fashion trend is a timeless trend which will never go out of style due to the elegance and simplicity exuded by the colors.

It is absolutely extraordinary how well these two colors complement each-other to create fabulous diverse outfits which suit different occasions. The black and white outfits receive a certain elegance emphasized or diminished by the design of the outfits, but mostly black and white combinations are used for more elegant outfits.

Givenchy 2010 Chanel 2010

Due to the new technologies developed, a variety of black and white patterns can be created to suit the needs of the wearer. It is absolutely essential to choose a design that flatters your body type as well as personality in order to obtain the best looking outfit for you.

Fashion designers demonstrated their creative skills and put together some of the most incredibly stylish outfits this season.

It is amazing how many possible combinations of black and white exist, allowing the battle for domination to continue every single season. Whether perfectly balanced or dominated by one of the colors, black and white outfits look amazing and can offer you a perfect solution for a casual chic or a formal occasion or event that you must attend.

Dries Van Noten 2010 Junya Watanabe 2010 Ann Demeulemeester 2010 Rick Owens 2010

This year diversity dominated the designer collections and black and white outfits were present on almost every fashion presentation. The most alluring outfits were the tribal black and white prints, floral as well as checkered designs, due to the gorgeous and modern look created. In order to obtain the desired result the cuts of the outfits were very well thought so a perfect balance is created. Balance is key to success and the perfect collaboration between black and white attracts a generous amount of positive attention.

Important fashion designers managed to create unbelievably stylish black and white outfits for their collections, such as: Dries Van Noten, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Rick Owens, Junya Watanabe, Ann Demeulemeester, John Richmond, etc. Inspire yourself from these collections as they are filled with style and exude the right amount of elegance and sexiness every woman needs in order to underline best her femininity. Photos via

Ann Demeulemeester 2010 Givenchy 2010