A few photos of the latest Bimba & Lola lookbook are enough to make us create a great idea of the spring/summer 2011 collection, which will certainly be a special, original one, just like we are used to. This new clothing and accessories line from the famous Spanish brand features wearable pieces inspired by the ’60s and ’70s fashion.

The collection exudes femininity through romantic, white dresses and different styles of skirts. Moreover, another type of femininity, the Amazonian one, is reflected through colors and items that make us think to the wild, adventurous side of a woman.

As catwalks were a riot of crisp white items, the spring/summer 2011 Bimba & Lola collection also includes a wide range of white clothes and accessories, especially the already famous and classic white shirt. White is versatile and universally flattering allowing numerous combinations. Therefore, the upcoming season don’t be afraid to try the innocent white look, even the head-to-toe one.

It is true that white adds femininity, still there are other colors in the Bimba & Lola spring/summer collection that perfectly reveals a woman’s most feminine, yet adventurous side but using other colors, such as khaki and beige. A wonder piece in the new line are the rolled-up pants that give a cool vibe to a simple outfit. Moreover, with crochet and macramé being so hot for the upcoming season, we can also spot bohemian, handmade-looking dresses.

Besides the crisp white, the collection also used neutrals and different prints for the timeless shirt and to all the assortment of accessories, shoes and clothing. The colors that predominate in the collection are all the earthy tones that seem to have exploded in numerous collections, such as nude, beige, coral, khaki, and ocher.

A well chosen handbag is not only a practical accessory, but it can also be stylish and add interest to a dull outfit. The Bimba & Lola spring/summer 2011 handbags are chic and elegant, yet fun and cool. The color palette is a selection of neutrals, such as white, black, navy blue, or brown, but also a mix of dazzling shades. The collection contains various shapes and styles, even a classy satchel and a bowling-inspired handbag with floral prints.

This season’s shoes are playful, yet sophisticated. The shoes and sandals in the Bimba & Lola spring/summer 2011 collection are one-of-a-kind pieces. When it comes to the shoes in this line is all about love or hate. However, you can call them unique and special being the perfect choice for bold girls who want to stand out from the crowd. Raffia, platform sandals, leopard prints, gorgeously printed ballerina flats, and the popular Oxford shoes are the ones that draw our attention among the beautiful assortment of shoes.

Photos courtesy of Bimba & Lola