The new fall 2009 fashion trends are out. Check out the surprising Betsey Johnson fall 2009 collection and her 80s inspired dresses and looks.

When it comes to fashion, everything is allowed. And if you're an eccentric designer, people don't need to feel surprised if you have decided to present your latest collection not in the catwalk, but in a kitchen.

That's the story of the Betsey Johnson fall 2009 collection.

Betsey Johnson Fall 2009 Collection

Instead, she invited a smaller crowd to "Betsey Crocker's Kitchen" in her showroom. In a joyful mood, she declared that "It's a happy, eating/drinking show with hot waiter guys", and so it was.

This special fashion designer, very playful in her artistic vision, has managed to surprise her guest once again with the Betsey Johnson fall 2009 collection.

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The models presented full-skirted skull print dresses, elastic belts, rose prints, lace, and petticoats, T-shirts, sweat suit, while a silent film starring Betsey revealed the intricate layering that goes into each piece. One of the most funny fashion shows in the late period, "Betsey Crocker's Recipes for Dressing" is very much reminiscent of the '80s.

80s fall trend Betsey Johnson RTW fall 2009

Fashion editors and buyers were invited to this retro kitchen were fashion was served in a very specific way, the Betsey Johnson way. She's adapted, reinvented, original, teen-age-fashionable and funny.

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