Jeans have long ago become a central piece in our wardrobe. As with any clothing item that becomes one of the main focus points of our outfit, the way we choose jeans will dramatically influence the final outcome, having a huge part in creating the overall impressions we make.

The first step that must be taken when selecting any clothing item is to make sure that you keep in mind the what works for your body type and what doesn’t. This will help you determine what are the best choices that will flatter your body and what choices you should make to hide the features you are not so proud of. As you begin to understand how certain cuttings or styles affect how your body looks you can begin to customize your search adapting your knowledge to your own needs.

Knowing what to avoid can instantly make your choices better because you are able to direct your attention instantly from what you doesn’t fit you and save time. For slender short women, some jeans styles are instant no-nos because they immediately shorten a petite figure by creating too much contrast. Among the worst offenders are boot cut jeans or bell bottom jeans as these won’t do any favors to your silhouette.

Cuffed jeans are another style that should be avoided as it visually shorten your frame. The details of the jeans should also be carefully considered. Just like with the jeans styles everything should be proportionate. Avoid details like large rear pockets or large stitches on baggy jeans as these will visually cut the length.

Now that you know what are the styles that should be avoided, it’s time to concentrate on choosing the best jeans style for short frames. The most important thing to remember is that the main focus should be to find nice fitting jeans. Skinny jeans work great for slender women as they emphasize the silhouette being fashionable and stylish.Although short women with small hips can look good in low rise jeans, mid rise jeans are seen as more universally flattering. When it comes to the style of the cut, most short women view straight cut jeans as a good choice due to the fact that it helps create a vertical line throughout the body maximizing the overall length.

If adding curves is desired, short women can opt for tapered jeans which can help create a hourglass body shape in the case of triangle or rectangle body shapes, which are among the most common body shapes among short women. The fabric of the jeans should also be kept in mind when shopping for jeans. It’s good to keep in mind that 100% cotton jeans might shrink when washed in hot water and that a blending of spandex and cotton can help you get a better stretch, lifting the bottom part of the body, which is another thing that can help you get better proportions.

Although there are several brands available on the market that address directly to petite women, fashion stylists think that women should not limit themselves and shop only at stores that sell these brands because in this way they are restricting their options. Instead, you should consider getting hem jobs to create the perfect pair of jeans. A pair of jeans flatters your hips and fits well on your knees is a perfect candidate for a hem job. Also to be able to find a pair of jeans with a good inseam measure the inseam of the jeans you already have to get a more clear idea of what suits you.

Last but not least make sure that all the choices you make are designed to emphasize length and to create a hourglass body shape. Make sure that the outfits you choose help you create good proportions and choose footwear accordingly. High heels and wedges can instantly elongate a silhouette, while also emphasizing the strongest attributes of this body type.

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