Pear shaped bodies carry most of their weight in the lower part of the body. The hips are wider than the shoulders, that is why it’s important to know how to hide that difference and draw the attention away from the hips. When dressing formally it is important to choose your outfit carefully so your body will look well proportioned.

If you are choosing a dress or a skirt, avoid big patterns on the lower part of the dress. This will attract the attention on your lower body. Look for A line dresses or skirts because they will emphasize your waist. This type of dresses and skirts flow gradually from the waist down, therefore hiding your hips.

The outfit you choose should draw attention to your upper body, so look for dresses that have a V- neck shape, square neck shape, strapless or one shoulder dresses. You can draw the attention upwards by wearing vivid colors on top or jewelery that stands out. The more skin revealed around the neck area, the better because this will give a lengthening effect, therefore making you appear slimmer.

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You can choose darker colors like navy, plum, greens on the bottom part and more vivid colors on top. Look for dresses and skirts that are made from loose or semi loose fabric because they will flow better and will not cling to your body. If you are wearing pants, look for pants that are wider around the legs because they will make your hips narrower. Wear darker colored pants because dark colors have a slimming effect. V-shaped blouses work great with your type of body, so choose vivid colors on top.

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Emphasize the body part that you love and you will look great. Embrace your body and you will feel more comfortable in your skin and that will show on the outside as well. You don’t have to look like a model to look good, all you need to know is how to emphasize your qualities and you will look gorgeous.